University Advanced Standing (UAS) - Exceptions

The following courses are excluded from UAS coding as approved by the SVP of Academic Affairs (Jeffrey Olson). 
For more information on University Advanced Standing, see:

Subject Course Title
School of the Arts
DANC 321R Pointe III 19-Apr-12
322R Ballet Technique & Theory III for Men 19-Apr-12
327R Ballet Technique III 19-Apr-12
341R Modern Dance Technique & Theory III 19-Apr-12
342R Modern Dance Technique & Theory III 19-Apr-12
346R Modern Dance Performance 19-Apr-12
370R American Social Dance III 19-Apr-12
371R International Ballroom Dance III 19-Apr-12
372R Latin Ballroom Dance III 19-Apr-12
376R Ballroom Dance Co Reserve Tour Team 19-Apr-12
421R Pointe IV 19-Apr-12
422R Ballet Technique for Men 19-Apr-12
423R Pointe V 19-Apr-12
424R Pas de deux 19-Apr-12
425R Repertory Ensemble 19-Apr-12
427R Ballet Technique IV 19-Apr-12
428R Ballet Technique V 19-Apr-12
429R Utah Regional Ballet Repertory 19-Apr-12
441R Modern Dance Technique & Theory IV 19-Apr-12
442R Modern Dance Technique & Theory IV 19-Apr-12
471R International Ballroom Dance IV 19-Apr-12
472R Latin Ballroom Dance IV 19-Apr-12
476R Ballroom Dance Co Tour Team 19-Apr-12
MUSC 306R Advanced Keyboard Skills 06-Sep-12
320R Masterworks Chorale 19-Apr-12
320R Masterworks Chorale 19-Apr-12
322R Chamber Choir 19-Apr-12
327R Men's Chorus 11-Apr-13
328R Women's Choir 19-Apr-12
330R Wind Symphony 19-Apr-12
331R Percussion Ensemble 19-Apr-12
332R Jazz Ensemble 19-Apr-12
333R Jazz Combos 25-Aug-16
334R Pep Band 18-Jan-17
3620 Percussion Practicum 14-Jan-13
370R Symphony Orchestra 19-Apr-12
372R Chamber Orchestra 19-Apr-12
373R Small Ensembles 14-Jan-13
423R Opera Workshop 06-Sep-12
THEA 3503 Stagecraft II 07-May-12
3513 Set & Prop Construction & Painting 07-May-12
3553 Period Styles for Theatre Design  07-May-12
3713 Theatre & Drama in the Elementary School 07-May-12
3731 Dramaturgy 07-May-12
3753 Script Writing II 07-May-12
4713 Script Writing III 07-May-12
4713 Script Writing III 07-May-12
374R New Script Workshop 07-May-12
458R Special Topics in Theatre  7-May-12

Subject Course Title Approved
Woodbury School of Business
LEGL 3130 Real Estate Principles & Finance 19-Apr-12
3140 Real Estate Law 19-Apr-12
3170 Real Estate Contracts & Agency 19-Apr-12
MILS 3200 Small Unit Leadership I 19-Apr-12
3210 Small Unit Leadership II 19-Apr-12
345R Advanced Leadership Dynamics & Techniques 19-Apr-12
4200 The Profession of Arms I 19-Apr-12
4210 The Profession of Arms II 19-Apr-12
445R Transition to Officership 19-Apr-12
4500 Advanced Leadership & Operations 19-Apr-12
EDSP 3400 Exceptional Students  19-Apr-12
EDUC 5300 Content-based Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 30-Jan-13
5340 ESL for Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5350 Theories of Second Lang Acq - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5360 Multicultural Education - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5370 Assessment in ESL Learners - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5380 Literacy & Linguistics in ESL - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5390 Family/Community Involvement - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5500 Teach K-8 Numbers/Operations - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5510 Teach K-8 Numbers/Proportional Reasoning - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5530 Teach K-8 Geometry/Measurement -  Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5540 Teach K-8 Data Analysis/Problem Solving - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5550 Teach K-8 Assessment & Intervention - Practitioners 24-Aug-12
5700 Foundation Dual Lang Immer Ed 14-Sep-12
5710 Instr Strategies, Curriculum, Classroom Mgmt for Elem 30-Jan-13
ASL 3000 Advanced American Sign Language 19-Apr-12
3050 Technology for Deaf Studies 19-Apr-12
CHIN 3050 Advanced Chinese 19-Apr-12
FREN 3050 Advanced French 19-Apr-12
GER 3050 Advanced German 19-Apr-12
JPNS 3050 Advanced Japanese 19-Apr-12
PORT 3050 Advanced Portuguese 19-Apr-12
RUS 3050 Advanced Russian 19-Apr-12




Leader--Teacher and Mentor



Leader--Global Contributor



Leader Capstone--Lifelong Change Agent



3050 Advanced Spanish