Getting Started


We're glad that you're considering UVU as the place where you'll pursue your educational goals. Whether it's your first time in college or you're transferring here, we want to help you understand how to use the services that are available in the Office of Accessibility Services.

In order to determine eligibility for, and to receive, accommodative services you must do the following:

  1. Schedule an appointment. Schedule an intake appointment with Jason (phone) or Nicole (phone). These appointments typically take about half an hour. If you are going to bring your parents with you, it may take a little longer.
  2. Complete an intake packet during your appointment.
  3. Obtain and bring an audiogram or any other documentation. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation from a licensed professional to the Office of Accessibility Services. An audiogram is usually sufficient. Documentation may be submitted at the time of appointment or emailed to It may also be faxed to 801-863-8377. Documentation should be from a licensed professional (i.e. a medical doctor or audiologist).



American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting

Cued Language Transliteration

Signed Exact English transliteration (SEE)

Speech-to-Text Services (TypeWell): This is live captioning in the classroom. A device sits on your desk while you read in real time what is being said. Some of our students read everything from the device, while others only glance down when they miss something.

Assisted Listening Devices or FM Systems: The professor wears a microphone that transmits to an earpiece in your year. This enables you to hear the professor more clearly.

Peer Note-Taking: Notes will be provided to you by another student who is in the same class.



For Interpreting Services  – Available by Phone or Text
Contact: Nicole Hemmingsen (385)208-2677

For Speech-to-text/Captioning
Contact: Jason McKenna (385)208-2990



Documentation of Disability (pdf)