ASD Deaf and Hard of Hearing Documentation

Students Responsibility

hearing test

It is the student’s responsibility to submit documentation from a licensed professional to the Accessibility Services Department. Accommodations are not provided retroactively. Students must meet with the AADHH each semester in order to obtain accommodative services for hearing loss. Documentation may be submitted at the time of an appointment or may be faxed to the ASD office at (801) 863-8377.

Required Documentation

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, the documentation needed must be in the form of an audiogram. These should be submitted to the Academic Advisor for the Deaf and hard of Hearing. Services will not be provided until documentation has been submitted.

Other Services

If you feel that you would qualify for other services because of an additional disability, you will need to submit additional documentation PDF  from a licensed professional with expertise in the areas of diagnosis. The documentation should demonstrate that the diagnosis substantially limits a major life activity in comparison to the average person. This documentation should also include the licensed professional’s recommendations for accommodations. 

Contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Office

Location: LC 312

Front Desk: 801.863.8747 V
Fax: 801.863.8377
Utah Valley University
Accessibility Services: Attn. ________
800 West, University Parkway, MS 190
Orem, UT 84058-5999


801.850-9262 (VP)

Office hours: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (hours do vary)

Note: The staff at UVU's Accessibility Services Department are dedicated to helping you succeed in your education. Your primary contact from ASD will be the Academic Advisor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The Assistant Director of Deaf Services will work with your advisor to set up service providers. If you have any questions when one of these individuals is not available, please ask someone at the front desk.