ASD Grievance Procedure

Utah Valley University ASD Grievance Policy

Accessibility Services Department Appeal Process for Accommodative Services

In most situations, concerns should be first discussed between the ASD Counselor and the student. The ASD Director may then be involved with all the information of the concern and will investigate and intervene with affected individuals in an attempt to reach a reasonable accommodation. While it is anticipated that most accommodation requests will be resolved at the lowest, most informal level, occasionally a further investigation may be appropriate. In such cases, the student may initiate a grievance by submitting a written request regarding a specific accommodation. The appeal should be delivered to the designated ADA Coordinator.

The grievance procedure is for unresolved concerns that persist beyond all parties meeting and resolving the concerns attempted resolution, i.e., appropriate accommodations by a faculty member, perceived discrimination by a faculty or staff, or received denial or termination of accommodations.

  • The appeal should be filed in writing, within 15 school days after denial of eligibility or decision on an accommodation alleged violation. The appeal must contain the student's name, UV ID #, contact information, the date of the incident, and briefly describe the grounds for the appeal and parties involved. [For help with written complaints, a scribe in the ADA Coordinator's Office will be available as per an appointment.]
  • The ADA Coordinator will make an investigation of the facts and circumstances of the matter and may convene a meeting among the affected individuals and entities in an attempt to reach a consensus as to a reasonable accommodation &/or resolution. Every attempt will be made for a thorough investigation, affording all interested persons and their representatives, if any, an opportunity to submit evidence relevant to the complaint.
  • Based on this investigation, the ADA Coordinator will make a determination in writing to the student, within 15 school days, to grant or deny the appeal or refer the matter on through the UVU Grievance Policy.
  • The ADA coordinator shall maintain the files and records relating to the complaints filed.
    The student may request to further appeal any unresolved concerns within 10 days, under the UVU Policies and Procedures starting with, B. Procedure, 2. Exception. Policy #153.
  • The ADA coordinator may designate a temporary accommodation for the complainant while the investigation is being conducted.

This policy is to assure compliance with the ADA and implementing appropriate accommodations related to the requests given. Retaliation against any complainant or any person who assists a complainant in their pursuit under this grievance procedure is prohibited.

Notice: Where the ADA Coordinator is found to also be the supervisor over the office or employee involved in the complaint, the ADA Committee will appoint a designee from its committee, to serve in the ADA Coordinator's role for this specific grievance.
School days are defined as those weekdays (Monday through Friday) when classes are in session.

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