Getting Started

How to Request Accommodations


Whether it is your first time in college or you are transferring here, we want to help you understand how to use the services that are available in the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS). One of the first questions people have is "What is the process to obtain services?"

In order to determine eligibility for, and to receive, accommodative services please follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an Appointment

    Schedule an intake appointment to meet with a counselor in the Office of Accessibility Services. This first appointment may take up to an hour.

    To schedule an appointment, please call our front desk at 801.863.8747.

  2. Complete an Intake Packet

    Intake packets are available on our website under the “Forms” section. Please complete the intake packet before your appointment or arrive 15 minutes early and the front desk will provide you with one.

  3. Provide Documentation

    Provide a copy of your documentation. If you are requesting documentation from a licensed professional (Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, etc.) for the first time, please make them aware of what to include. The documentation and/or diagnostic evaluation must be recent and considered current to receive accommodations. Documentation should include the nature of the disability, the functional limitations, and the educational impact. An IEP or 504 plan alone may not be sufficient. If you have any questions about how to obtain documentation, please schedule an appointment to meet with one of our counselors.

It is important to recognize that there will be a processing period for the documentation to be reviewed by a counselor. The counselor will determine if the documentation is sufficient to establish the presence of a disability as defined by and covered by the ADA. The academic accommodations requested and approved are supported in and by that documentation. It is your responsibility to meet with your counselor and make sure that sufficient documentation is provided. Please refer to the documentation guidelines form for any questions that you or your documentation provider may have.