Message from AVP of Academic and Student Digital Services

Christina BaumChristina Baum
AVP of Academic & Student Digital Services

Dear Wolverines,

I am so excited to be here at UVU! I'm thrilled by the level of energy, focus, sense of urgency, and executive commitment that I feel here.

My passion for technology came when I was a project manager in R&D, working for a company that built computers and equipment for electrical substations, and more. I enjoy learning and have a natural curiosity. I love that technology is always changing, so it never gets boring. There is always something new to learn!

Digital transformation is critical for the future of UVU. We are in an age where students, especially traditional 18- to 24-year-olds, expect technology to be simple and accessible to them. There are so many opportunities for us to serve the students better and improve their academic experience.

My role is to help set a vision and strategy for Academic and Student Digital Services and to lead the digital transformation of technology used by students and faculty. The future of ASDS is to provide technologies that meet our students where they are at. If they are on the move, we need to have great mobile functionality. If they are in a physical classroom, we want easy to use technology that engages them.

Ultimately, we are creating two campuses, one physical and one virtual (thank you, COVID-19), and we need to connect the two together in a way that enhances learning. That is the goal of Academic and Student Digital Services, and I am excited about the future and opportunities that we have to improve the experiences of our users.

Christina Baum
Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Digital Services


Christina Baum

AVP of Academic & Student Digital Services
Phone: (801) 863-4854
Office: TBD

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