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Living Engaged

Engaged Learning is a fundamental principle at UVU, and ASL Academic Village applies that attitude. ASL Academic Village was set up with the philosophy of providing a place where students could interact and involve themselves in their langue of study, American Sign Language. Established at Wolverine Crossing (seconds from I-15 and walking distance from UVU) ASL Academic Village provides students with the kind of student housing experience they would want. Academic Village offers ASL community classes held twice a week, along with monthly activities for residents to mingle and interact with each other. Not to mention all the amenities available at Wolverine Crossing make it a great place to live. Come be a part of it!


Peter Cook Link to Youtube Video Will Garrow and Flavia Fleischer link to youtube Ella Mae Lentz' Endorsement
 Peter Cook  Flavia Fleischer & Will Garrow  Ella Mae Lentz