Collision Tutorials

Tool Orientation

This tutorial is designed for the beginning student enrolled, or interested in the Collision Repair field. The collision repair industry has a wide variety of tools that are used in the repair of vehicles. With the continual advances in technology and electronics it is critical to understand the proper use and ability of these tools. Realize this tutorial is limited in its scope, and will only introduce the necessary tools that a beginner will need to be familiar with.

Site Layout

This site has three main pages that you will want to review, Basic hand tools, Specialty hand tools, and Power Tools. Each page will list groupings of tools that you may open and view pictures of the tool, and will give a short description of its usage or other pertinent information. Selected tools will have a short video you can view also.

When you have completed the three main pages you will proceed to the Tool Test page. Here you will take a short ten question test that will allow you to return to the three main pages for review if needed. After completion submit the test and prepare any further questions regarding tool usage for our in class demonstrations next class period.


Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of tool introduction for this course and all tool usage training will be demonstrated by the instructor allowing you the student to ask questions for clarification. Afterwards, you will be given assignments that demonstrate you have mastered the usage of the tools. Upon completion of the assigned performance tasks you may use the tools as needed throughout the semester.

Tool Sheets