About Us

Utah Valley University's Department of Art & Visual Communications offers degrees in applied arts, fine arts and art education. Upon completing a degree, students emerge from the program ready to enter careers in graphic design, photography, advertising, printing, animation, illustration, art education, printmaking, sculpture, game development, painting and more. Students can earn a general degree, exploring several areas within the visual arts, or they can specialize, exploring a specific practice in-depth to better understand it and/or prepare for employment in that field.

BFA Programs

Students who want to concentrate on a specific area of art and visual communications can gain professional training at UVU through several specialized degrees. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degrees are four-year degrees for individuals with above-average abilities, who are looking for a competitive program to hone their skills.

Those who decide to earn a B.F.A. in their field are typically prepared to enter the workforce at design firms, photography studios or advertising. Others become self-employed artists, promoting their work through galleries, museums, exhibitions and commissions. Some choose to pursue graduate studies to further their artistic development or to prepare to teach in higher education.


Students are encouraged to learn by applying what they study in the real world and by taking part in activities outside the classroom. This could be an internship, serving the community at an art event, or getting involved in a student club. The department offers many opportunities for students to travel and interact with practicing art professionals. Every student in the Department of Art & Visual Communications attends an art lecture series, in which artists from all over the country visit UVU to present their work, lecture on what they do and occasionally hold a workshop. Students regularly enter their work in competitions at local, state and national levels, with several students earning awards each year.