Mission Statement

To cultivate the creation and appreciation of visual art, we foster creative confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We follow these principles to accomplish our mission:

  1. Visual Literacy
  2. Professional Excellence
  3. Creative Diversity
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  5. Cultural/Social Responsibility

Visual Literacy We encourage the development of strong visual literacy among students of the visual arts. We support the study of history, culture, technology and trends to this end.

Professional Excellence In preparing visual art students for careers in a broad market, we support and expect excellence and professionalism.

Creative Diversity While teaching techniques, styles, and practices is an important part of our programs, we support a diversity of styles and individual expressions among students in their creative work.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration We support collaboration across the visual arts through multi-disciplinary student and faculty projects. These collaborative efforts may be extended to include other departments within the School of the Arts as well as the entire UVU campus.

Cultural/Social Responsibility We support the study and advancement of the visual arts from local to international levels. We foster understanding to promote artistic freedom and to preserve culture through creative production and historical research.