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Associate of Science, Aviation Science

If you are a returning student, we recommend you use "Wolverine Track" on the myUVU system.

Students graduating with an AAS or AS in Aviation may transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Professional Pilot, or Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration, for completion of a four year degree.

Course Descriptions

Degree Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

  • AV-PP-01   Students will satisfactory demonstrate knowledge, maneuvers and skills of an instrument rated commercial, multi-engine pilot to FAA standards. 
  • AV-PP-02   Students will manage all available equipment, systems and people in normal and emergency operations while mitigating threats and errors.
  • AV-PP-03   Students will self-critique their ability to gather available data, identify possible courses of action, evaluate risk inherent in each course of action and make appropriate decisions.
  • AV-PP-04   Students will produce professional quality reports and effectively present the information to an audience using appropriate technology.













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