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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we feel will help all students in their aviation education. If your question has not been addressed here, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-901-7192.

Getting Started

What are UVU's admissions requirements?

UVU is an open-admission university, meaning no student is denied admission. The University does, however, have enrollment standards. In order to help students enroll in courses that match their academic preparation and ability, admission to the University requires that every student submit ACT/SAT scores; an official high school transcript; and a $35 application fee.

Where do I go to apply for admission to UVU?

To apply for admission, go to www.uvu.edu/aviation/prospective-students/admissions.html and follow the steps on that checklist.

How much does the program cost?

This varies, depending on the previous college experience or training you have, and which degree emphasis you select. Tuition prices are the same for either emphasis, but if you select the Professional Pilot degree emphasis, your costs will include both tuition and flight training expenses. Visit www.uvu.edu/tuition to see the current tuition costs for local students. For online students, visit www.uvu.edu/aviation/prospective-students/tuition-and-finances.html Flight training costs vary, depending on your flight school. UVU's current program costs can be obtained here.

Can I fly at any flight school while attending UVU online?

Yes, our program will work with any flight school or FAA certified flight instructor. We have no agreement or affiliation with any flight schools, but we have online students at dozens of flight schools throughout the country. It is your responsibility to find the best flight school that meets your needs. Keep in mind that helicopter or other non-fixed wing students are limited to the Aviation Administration Degree emphasis.

How does financial aid help with flight costs?

All UVU students, including those online, can apply for Federal Financial Aid to help with tuition, books, and other expenses. For students flying at UVU's training facility in Provo, UT, flight training costs are included in this allotment. All students can apply for a UVU certified alternative loan for up to the student's UVU cost of attendance. Students flying at the UVU flight school have their flight costs included in the cost of attendance. For additional questions you can contact our Aviation Financial Aid office at 1-877-336-8872 or email them at aviationfinaid@uvu.edu .

I am having difficulty contacting my online instructor, how can I get a hold of him/her?

Each online aviation course is assigned its own email address, which is the best way to contact your online instructor. Please allow 1 business day to receive a response. Be sure you are sending your email to the correct course email address. If you are unsure of the course email address or you do not receive a response from your instructor by the next business day, please contact the Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192.

How do I know what classes to register for?

Wolverine Track is an online tool designed to help you stay on track for graduation. It will help you select courses for registration, view a degree progress audit, start/modify a registration plan, apply for graduation, and calculate your GPA. To access Wolverine Track, go to myUVU and select the "Student" tab, and then click the link in the center column. If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact the Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192.

Do I need to take an assessment test? If so, how do I do it?

After applying for admission and before registering you will need to complete a Math and an English assessment. If you have previous credits from another college, it is possible that you have already completed this step. Be sure that you have had your transcripts sent to our admissions office so this can be determined. If you have no previous college credits, and you do not have ACT scores or your ACT scores are older than 2 years for Math and 3 years for English, you will be required to complete a Compass or Accuplacer Exam. Students who live near UVU campus can take the Accuplacer Exam at the UVU Testing Center. For students who live outside the area, we can help you find a Compass testing location near you. Contact the Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192 for assistance with this or if you have any questions.

Will my college credits transfer?

Go to here, click the link to enter the "Transfer Articulation Database", then search for your previous college. This will show you what courses will transfer over. To find out for certain, you will need to have your official transcripts sent to the UVU Admissions Office.

How do I submit my transcripts from a previous school?

To transfer credits or degrees from a previously attended college or university, please contact the Records Office of your previous school and request that your official transcript be sent to:

Utah Valley University
Admissions Office MC-106
800 West University Parkway
Orem UT 84058-5999


I have a problem with a question/assignment in my class, who can help me with this?

For questions specific to your online course material, including quizzes, exams, or assignments, contact your online instructor at the course email address. If you are unsure of the course email address, check the syllabus or contact the Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192.

How do I login to my online aviation classes?

To login to your online aviation courses, go to mycourses.flyuvu.com/moodle/login/index.php. Your username is your UVID number and your password is your birthdate in six-digit (mmddyy) format. If you are unable to access your online aviation courses at any time, contact the Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192.


Can I do helicopter training with any of your degrees?

Helicopter and other non-fixed wing students are welcome in our program, however, they are restricted to the Aviation Administration Bachelor of Science Degree. Since the curriculum for our Professional Pilot emphasis is based on fixed-wing (airplane) information, students in that degree emphasis are required to present fixed-wing pilot certificates and ratings. The Aviation Administration emphasis does not require any pilot certificates, but students can still qualify for financial aid. Currently, we do not offer a helicopter-specific program.

How long does the program take?

This depends on what your goals are and any previous college or experience you have. Both of our Bachelor Degree emphases (Professional Pilot and Aviation Administration) are 4-year degree programs, but transfer credits, previous flight training, Summer attendance, and other factors can reduce that time frame. Since the Professional Pilot degree emphasis requires flight training, there are variables such as weather, maintenance, funding, etc. which can possibly create delays in the completion of the degree. Another factor that determines the time frame for completion is student motivation. Students who study diligently and prepare for each flight lesson have been shown to complete flight requirements in less time and with less expense.

What kind of airplanes do we use in our fleet?

We operate an all-Diamond fleet of 23 aircraft out of the Provo, UT Municipal Airport. The fleet includes 13 DA-20 aircraft used as our basic trainers, 6 DA-40's which are used primarily for instrument training, and 4 DA-42 twin-engine aircraft for multi-engine operations. We also have state-of-the-art facilities which house a number of approved flight simulation devices, including a CRJ flight training device which is used by a number of regional airlines. Online students who live outside of the area and a can select any flight school that is most convenient to their location.


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