Women in Aviation


Women in Aviation

The School of Aviation Sciences at Utah Valley University is a strong supporter of women in aviation. While aviation has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, at UVU we take serious strides towards promoting the inclusion of women in the aviation career field. We welcome and support female students who want to pursue and succeed in an aviation career.

In addition to the NIFA team and other Aviation clubs, the School of Aviation Sciences is proud to offer the Women in Aviation club. For more information contact faculty member Ryan Leick at rleick@uvu.edu or visit the Facebook page of UVU's Women in Aviation International chapter.

Tristan Mazzu - UVU School of Aviation Sciences student

Tristan Mazzu grew up with a love of aviation. She is a student in the Aviation Sciences program at Utah Valley University, pursuing her dream of becoming a commercial pilot.


Sade Gold – Certified Flight Instructor

Sade Gold is a graduate of the Professional Pilot program at Utah Valley University and she is now a Certified Flight Instructor helping current students and future pilots earn their flight certifications. Hear a little of her story in the video below. 


Julie Hafen – SkyWest Pilot/UVU Graduate

Julie graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Professional Pilot from UVU in 2006, taught as a UVU Certified Flight Instructor for a few years, and then became a pilot for SkyWest airlines. We caught her in SLC for a quick video while she was training for her conversion from flying an EMB 120 Brasilia to a CRJ200. 




Utah Valley University has ensured the tools are available to give women the support and services needed to achieve success in all fields of study. All women at Utah Valley University can benefit from the Women's Success Center located on campus.

Women in Aviation Conference 2015

Thanks to a generous contribution from JetBlue, four Utah Valley University Aviation students were able to attend the 2015 International Women in Aviation Conference in Dallas.






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