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Local (Instate/Online) Student Admissions

Steps for admission to UVU

In addition to the steps on UVU's admissions page, flight students must also:

1. Schedule an FAA Class 2 Medical Exam

Go to to find a medical examiner.

2. Bring Your Identification Documents for TSA Check

If you are a U.S. citizen bring either an unexpired passport or a birth certificate and a valid driver's license. If you are a foreign student bring your unexpired visa and passport, and obtain information on registering with the TSA. For questions on any of these items, contact the Aviation Information Desk at 801-863-7821 or

3. Schedule Your Flight Training

Contact Tyler Gee at 801-863-7804 or to set up a flight schedule. The schedule will be a 2.5 hour training session 3 times per week, either Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

 4. Contact your assigned advisor with additional questions:

    • Dianna Bunker (Last name A-K) or
    • Marilyn Riddle (Last name L-Z)

Online (Out-of-state) Student Admissions

Steps for admission to UVU

If you are NOT a Utah Resident, and planning on attending courses online, please select “Aviation Global” as your major attribute.

If you have any questions, please contact the your assigned advisor or the Aviation Student Support Center at , 888-901-7192, or 801-863-7830.

In addition to the steps on UVU's admissions page, students must also:

1. Evaluate prior flight certificates/ratings and previous work experience

If you have flight certificates/ratings you’d like to be considered for credit, please contact us by email at once your application, transcripts, and test scores have been processed. We will be able to determine what courses can be offered as Experiential Credit prior to registration.

2. Get Your Books

Click below to find the current list of required textbooks for your online aviation courses. Online students can purchase textbooks from the UVU Bookstore or from whatever provider is most convenient for them. Note: For online aviation courses, be sure to select the correct section number which is designated with an 'X' (X01, X51, etc.) It is possible that the textbook for the online section is different from the classroom section.

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Notice: Online Course Access

On the first day of the semester, if you do not have access to your online aviation courses, contact the Aviation Student Support Center at 1-888-901-7192. You are responsible for verifying that you are registered for the appropriate courses and that you receive access to them.

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