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Students who are unable to receive pilot training at UVU in person can pursue the online degree program. The online delivery option provides students with interactive learning experiences through a convenient, cost-effective delivery method. Accessible 24 hours a day, the online courses are designed to accommodate students with a full-time job or busy schedule.

Our Professional Pilot Bachelor and Associate Degree programs require pilot training and the completion of FAA certificates and ratings. Students can learn to fly with a local flight school that best meets their needs, while completing their online degree at UVU. In addition to the pilot training courses, students will deepen their knowledge of the pilot profession through an impressive range of course subject matter.

While UVU will work with virtually any FAA approved flight school across the country, flight training costs for the online program are not part of tuition and therefore are not covered by UVU financial aid or VA benefits.

In addition, a degree through UVU online by itself does not qualify students for R-ATP. However, it is possible for students transferring from R-ATP authorized institutions. The online student advisor should be consulted to determine eligibility.

Aviation Administration

Students seeking aviation careers at a managerial level, or who wish to pursue helicopter or other non-fixed-wing flight training are best suited for our Aviation Administration degree emphasis.

Graduates will have a combination of aviation industry knowledge and general business management skills. This degree leads to a wide variety in employment areas within aviation and is a useful bridge into a graduate degree program.

Learning Management System

The UVU Aviation online courses are designed with our students in mind, and have two main focuses. The first is to provide challenging assignments based on real world, authentic situations. The allows our students to gain experience and skills that will be valuable in their future career. Second, each course is structured to allow flexibility within regular deadlines to help keep students on track. Your learning and success are our main goals.

Student Support

From application to graduation, online students can count on professional advisement and course support. UVU Aviation has its own dedicated Student Support Center to meet the unique needs of online students. In addition, our Aviation Financial Aid office can guide students through the complicated financial aid application process.


The School of Aviation Sciences is educating nearly 1,000 students worldwide through innovative online education. Along with the faculty, full-time and part-time staff work together to develop and deliver outstanding education opportunities that are built with the student in mind.

In May 2011, the School of Aviation Sciences was selected as a semifinalist by the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in the category of Innovation in Interactive Media in Education.


UVU is an open-admission university, meaning no student is denied admission. The University does, however, have enrollment standards. In order to help students enroll in courses that match their academic preparation and ability, admission to the University requires that every student submit ACT/SAT scores; an official high school transcript; and a $35 application fee.

To get started, apply for admission at the UVU Admissions page. After you're admitted, the steps are different depending on if you are local student attending on-campus classes or an online student. Online student steps.

If you would like help with the admission process or with any other questions, please call 1-888-901-7192 for immediate assistance.

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