Faculty Research

Students may receive credit toward their degree for involvement in research with faculty. It is also an excellent way for preparing for graduate school. Contact the professor you are interested in working with and then contact your academic advisor about getting the credit set up for independent study research work. The course is ANTH/PSY/SW/SOC 490R: Independent Study. Six credits total of 490R may be used toward completion of your degree.

Student and Faculty Research Group:

Dr. Tolman, Dr. John, and Dr. McGunigall-Smith coordinate a student-faculty research group that generally meets weekly on Fridays at 1:00 pm (although this can change by semester depending on who is attending). All students interested in learning more about research or considering participating in research are encouraged to attend. The purpose of the group is to support student original research ideas, generate ideas for research projects, help students develop their research methodology, critique research strategies, and provide feedback on proposals and manuscripts. The group is especially concerned with helping students understand how research begins, the steps and stages involved, and to receive practical feedback on the realities of conducting research at UVU. While the group encourages students to develop their own original research (since this is the most competitive result for graduate school), students may also work directly work on projects with Dr. Tolman, Dr. John, Dr. McGunigall-Smith or other faculty members. For more information on meeting times, days, and location, contact Dr. Tolman, Dr. John or Dr. McGunigall-Smith.

Dr. Anton Tolman, Anton.Tolman@uvu.edu, 801-863-6011:

Dr. Tolman has interests in two major areas: forensic psychology andscholarship of teaching and student learning. In forensic psychology, Dr. Tolman is particularly interested in the practical issues of how the science of psychology informs (or does not) judicial decisions regarding violent offenders including stalkers, psychopaths, and sexual offenders. He continues to work to understand the boundary issues between the two professions with an eye on how to improve the effective use of psychological science in the courtroom. He has also recently begun a new project investigating the psychology of evil. He is willing to work and mentor students interested in other areas of forensic psychology as well. In scholarship of teaching and learning, Dr. Tolman is especially interested in issues related to metacognition (helping students evaluate their own progress, become self-aware of their own learning patterns) and has developed several promising instruments which are beginning to be used around the country and even internationally. He also is interested in evaluating issues of power in the classroom and how faculty can better involve students in decision-making regarding their own education. Dr. Tolman has presented at national andinternational conferences in both areas and has published, or is publishing, in both areas. If you are interested in either one of these topics, come by and say hi!

Dr. Kathy French, Frenchka@uvu.edu, 801-863-8892:

Dr. French is conducting an oral history of peace activists, from religious leaders to military veterans, to some of Utah's political leaders. She is in need of a student or two to listen to the tapes and type up transcripts. There are some other kinds of tasks involved with this research.

Dr. Kristine Doty, kris.doty@uvu.edu, 801-863-8418:

Kris Doty is conducting a qualitative research project on the effects of Depression on active LDS women. This is a follow up project to Cameron John's quantitative depression study. She has completed data collection and is now in the process of coding and analyzing the data. She also engages in program evaluation for ScenicView Academy in Provo, Utah, which is a postsecondary educational facility for adults with learning disabilities. She will be starting a new clinical research project this fall to evaluate the effectiveness of their therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Ron Hammond, RonH@uvu.edu, 801-863-8344:

Ron is currently conducting studies on:
-Analysis of a random sample of UVU students March 2009 where 880 students gave information on their money management, parental support, credit care attitudes and retention issues.
-Analysis of a random sample of UVU student which was administered November 2010 gathering information on their dating practices and preferences
-A 2010 study of all the paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Dispatchers, and ER workers to assess their stress levels and how to intervene in them
-A study of the academic records of 213,000 UVSC and UVU students to identify factors that predict their dropping out or graduating

Dr. Grace Chou, chougr@uvu.edu, 801-863-6197:

Dr. Chou is currently doing three research projects: “The impact of childhood attachment on the perception toward God, ” “The impact of parental discipline on the image of God,” and “The impact of facebook on college students’ life.”

Dr. Matthew Draper, Matthew.Draper@uvu.edu, 801-863-8323:

My research team and I are very active in multiple areas. Overall, my interests are in the theory and philosophy of counseling and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on moral theory. Because of this interest, we also create scholarly works on the intersections of spiritual faith and religiosity and secular counseling. However, our research team is rather eclectic in the related areas we examine, such as the experience of the criminal body, the experience of combat trauma, the experience and nature of love and relationships. If you are interested in joining, please stop by my office and I will let you know the current meeting times for our team.

Dr. Sandy McGunigall-Smith, SMcGunigall-Smith@uvu.edu, 801-863-6724:

Dr. McGunigall-Smith is a criminologist whose main interest is prisons. She is currently collaborating with faculty at the American University on developing an instrument to measure the quality of life for inmates in U.S. prisons. She is also co-authoring the 3rd edition of Death Work with Dr. Robert Johnson of the American University, a work which examines the experiences of those living and working on death row. Dr. McGunigall-Smith is working closely with Dr. Cameron John and the Utah Department of Corrections on possibilities for research involving prisoners. She is also collaborating with Dr. David Knowlton, Dr. Lynn England, Sheila Bibb, and students on research into the experiences of those who lived in Guernsey (Channel Islands, U.K.) during the German occupation of the island during World War II.

Dr. Cameron John, Cameron.John@uvu.edu, 801-863-8809:

Dr. John is continuing to work on a collaborative project with Student Health Services which focuses on Depression at UVU attempting to identify unique contributors. In addition he is working various alternative treatments for depression including variable heart rate monitoring with biofeedback and entrainment therapy. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Jack Jensen (SHS) and Dr. Steven Clark. A third project involves opportunities to conduct program evaluation activities for programs designed to help incarcerated individuals, a collaborative project with Dr. Sandy McGunigall-Smith.

Dr. David Knowlton, DKnowlton@uvu.edu, 801-863-6196:

David Knowlton has ongoing research in Copacabana, Bolivia. His research focuses on the rites involving the pilgrimage site of Copacabana, as well as the formation of context by religion, however he also supports student researchers on the Copacabana Peninsula. In addition he is involved in various comparative projects on religion that involve documentary evidence, rather than human subjects, and welcomes student involvement in those. He is also planning on opening urban research in the city of Cuzco, Peru, and is involved in the oral history project on Guernsey Island.

Dr. Joylin Namie, namiejo@uvu.edu, 801-863-6195:

Dr. Namie’s research interests are in the intersection of culture, environment, and economy, particularly issues involving food, gender, and the body. She has completed, presented, and published research on junk food transactions between mothers and children and on cosmetic surgery among Mormon women. Her newest project is being completed in collaboration with a student and uses interviews and surveys to investigate fathers’ childfeeding decisions. Following this will be an exploration of concepts of sports nutrition among female athletes. All students interested in becoming involved in ethnographic research in Dr. Namie’s areas of interest must have completed at least one of the methods courses in the department, preferably ANTH 3850, and online IRB (Human Subjects) training for student researchers.

Dr. David Yells, David.Yells@uvu.edu, 801-863-8585:

Dr. Yells is currently studying Retrieval-Induced Forgetting: A phenomenon in which studying a subset of items from a study list reduces subsequent memory for non-studied items, aswell as many related topics.

Dr. Barton Poulson, BPoulson@uvu.edu, 801-863-7156:

My research is centered on art and aesthetics. I have two general interests in these areas and there should be excellent opportunities for research presentations and may publications in either one:
* How do people evaluate creative work in photography, architecture, painting, ceramics, poetry, music, design, and so on? Does personal experience with that field in particular or arts in general help explain how people evaluate creative work? Do they rely on commonly used principles of good composition in that field?
* I am also interested in finding ways to help people have greater aesthetic appreciation for the places and things around them. Will drawing attention to beauty in one place lead to seeing beauty elsewhere? Will aesthetic appreciation improve identification or involvement? Will this kind of outward attention and appreciation improve well-being or social interactions?
I am especially interested in working with students who have (or have had) some experience in one of these fields or other creative areas, although I am also very happy to work with anyone who is interested. Although this doesn’t count as a research interest per se, I am happy to help anybody – students and faculty – with research design or data analysis.

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