Top Tips for Finding a Job after College

Plan Ahead. Start looking for a job before you graduate. Be on top of things, have a plan after graduation.

Internships Can Make a Difference. If you are targeting certain companies or careers in your job search, an internship can be an important part of your overall strategy for landing a job after graduation.

Join a Professional Organization. Join one like NCFR or Family Science Association to give you professional opportunities and credibility.

Flexibility. Be willing to relocate. Being flexible after you graduate from college gives you more opportunities.

Career Fairs. Visit career fairs at your local college and make an effort to meet prospective employers.

Do what you Love. Go for a job you will like, something you will be enthusiastic about and truly enjoy. But keep an open mind.

References. Have your favorite teachers write letter of recommendation.

Research Potential Employers. Look at UVU's websites.
Get help from UVU's Career Development Center or LDS Employment and set up an account with Utah's Department of Workforce Services. This allows you to review and apply for jobs statewide. If you want to work for the Federal Government register at USAJOBS . When you have a list of potential employers, visit the sites and introduce yourself. Call ahead for a tour of the facility. Ask about their application process.

Talk to anyone and everyone. In all your conversations, let people know you are looking and ask them if they know of a job. Have a detailed Vita to present (Use Resume for employers Vita for Graduate schools).
Print and hand out 25-100 Business cards.

Leverage Social Media.There are online job boards everywhere. Post your job search through LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites.

Be prepared for the Interview. If you are fortunate enough to land an interview, treat it as an opportunity to establish a professional relationship with the interviewer. Do research on the company, agency or business ahead of time so you are informed and can ask questions and answer intelligently. 
Stay upbeat throughout the interview. Smile. For interview rehearsal and resume building, making an appointment for one-on-one coaching with Provo Utah Employment Resource Center.

Don't be discouraged by low paying jobs. Choosing a job now does not mean that is what you'll be doing for the rest of your life or even longer than a year or two. You might even need to start part-time for a full time job goal.

Be Patient and Persistent. Set aside time every week to check for job postings, to do research on employers in your field, and to send out a manageable number of applications.