What have UVU Behavioral Science Grads done since 1999

The Family Studies emphasis began in Fall 2009 and was situated in an academic department that has a deep heritage of graduation and graduate school success.

Behavioral Science Graduates accounted for the 2nd highest ranked department on campus in terms of graduate school attendance!

For Students who declared Behavioral Science as their UVU Major between 1999-2010 there were:

35 Doctoral Graduates

3 in Counseling

2 in Psychology

2 in Family Studies

1 in School Counseling

1 PharmD

3 Dentists

1 Medical Doctor

23 Lawyers


257 Master's Graduates

135 MSW graduates

58 Licensed Professional Counselors

8 MFTs

37 Masters of Psychology

13 Human Development Masters

3 Sociology masters

3 Anthropology masters


964 UVU Behavioral Science Bachelor's Degrees

(highest of All UVU Departments )