Family Studies Bachelor’s Degree Career Options

You can work for local and state agencies that serve the family

Family & Children services, Foster, adoption, welfare, health and human services, programs for elderly, in-patient education; addiction recovery, non-profit family-support centers, foreign orphanage support, victim recovery, religion or faith-based family education, military enlistment or consulting, health care and family wellness facilities and other community education organizations.

You Can work in Public or Higher Education

Teaching credit and non-credit courses, working for extension agencies, managing community-based non-credit courses, planning continuing education courses, (Google: University & CFLE extension, college & CFLE, & extension).

You can become the CEO of your own Family Life Skills company

Decide if your company will sell: Educational, Intervention, Prevention, or recovery workshops and seminars. Then, select a family specialty (Grief support, Addiction recovery, Divorce prevention, Dating enhancement, Mate-selection, Autism, Adoption, ADHD, Marriage Prep, Parenting skills, etc.) and provide family workshops and seminars to local community, organizational groups, military families, and others needing good family life skills but not needing therapy. Author your own courses, books, workshops, and manuals which can be taught online or in person. Early Child Ed., Advocacy, Community service, Youth development and support, Work-life balance, Foster care, Adoption, Child Life specialist, Military family support, violence and abuse prevention, Family finances, HeadStart , Consumer protection agencies, Food assistance programs, Youth programs, Teen service programs, Welfare assistance, Vocational rehabilitation, Montessori Schools, Family curriculum development, Divorce mediation, Protective services, Health and Human Services, Non-governmental organizations, Research firms and Think tanks, Authoring and writing, Criminal Justice-related support for families, Housing, Crisis hotlines, Nutrition, Family Law, Employment assistance, recreation, Hospice, (Google: Active Parenting, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Caryl's Cottage Family Life Ed. , Aliya Hirji, Yellow Ribbon military, University Extension Family, workshops & CFLE, Seminars & CFLE, www.stilllearning.org,