What is Innovabio?

InnovaBio is a biotechnology contract research organization. We offer a low risk environment for students to develop productive lab skills while working on projects for real companies. The challenging research completed by our interns creates a valuable talent pool for Utah biotechnology companies.

Goals of InnovaBio

The overall goal of InnovaBio, is to create flexible, industry-based research internship opportunities for UVU students. InnovaBio contracts projects–both research and development services–from local life science companies, and interns work as teams to conduct the work. The work is conducted on-site at Utah Valley University (UVU) Biotechnology labs and supervised by the InnovaBio scientific staff. Students receive credible research experience and internship credit.

Our objective is to mentor the next generation of biotechnology graduates and simultaneously assist local scientific and biotech enterprises in developing research projects. Interns gain valuable laboratory research experience that will help develop a career in a biotechnology field. Our graduates indicate the bench experience gained by working at InnovaBio created a competitive edge when seeking employment as a research associate in a biotechnology company.

Benefits and Information

Student Benefits Image

Student Benefits

Students will learn critical skills such as:

  • Effective communication
  • Effective team working
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Research experience
  • Proper Documentation


Internship Main Application

Internship Forms

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Employer Benefits

Internships are a great way to participate in an endeavor in which a student and your organization can benefit mutually.  There are many benefits of hosting an intern including:

  • Find and evaluate future employees
  • Test-driven talent
  • Increase productivity on other projects
  • Enhance perspective
  • Increase your visibility on campus
  • Give back to the community


UVU Resources for Employers

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Contact Info

InnovaBio is located within the Biology Department at Utah Valley University (UVU).


Science Building Room 170 (SB170)


Contact InnovaBio Director  
James Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Current Internships

Synapse Magazine

Biologics Cell Culture Testing

Students are trained and perform tests on a variety of compounds using Mammalian and Bacterial cell culturing techniques.  Some of these techniques include anti-microbial assays, mammalian cell culture cytotoxicity assays, and spectrophotometer analysis.

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Red Planet Project

In collaboration with a BYU research professor, students are running gel electrophoresis on bacterial plasmids that have been treated under a variety of conditions.  Techniques include plasmid DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis, and UV spectrum analysis.