About our Team

The UVU Plant ID Team, established in 2001, is made up of students interested in furthering their skills in plant identification. Students participating on the team learn the identifying characteristics of 200 plant species (100 grasses, and 100 forb/woody plants) and must identify each plant to family, genus and species with a time limit of 60 seconds per plant. The team competes annually in state and international competitions, hosted by the Society for Range Management.

Participation on the UVU Plant Identification Team provides students an opportunity to use and grow their taxonomic skills. Students who have participated on the plant team are recruited heavily by land managing agencies for seasonal and permanent employment positions. In addition, attending professional meetings allows students to interact with other students, faculty, and professionals in their field of interest. This opens doors for graduate work as well as employment opportunities.

Annually, the Society for Range Management (SRM) hosts State and International plant identification competitions. 
Plant team members participate in these competitions, and have traditionally ranked high among their peers.

UVU Plant Team rank in International competition:

2002 7th / 19 Kansas City, Kansas
2003 9th / 21 Casper, Wyoming
2004 4th / 21 Salt Lake City, Utah
2005 4th / 23 Fort Worth, Texas
2006 7th / 21 Vancouver, British Columbia
2007 12th / 22 Reno, Nevada
2009 9th / 21 Albuquerque, New Mexico
2010 8th / 22 Denver, Colorado
2011 7th / 21 Billings, Montana
2012 8th/26 Spokane, Washington
2013 9th/25 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2014  6th/22  Orlando, Florida
2015 9th / 22 Sacramento, California