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The Utah Valley University Business Resource Center Business Incubator (BRC Incubator) has been aptly described as a “greenhouse where the seeds of economic activity are sown and nourished.” 

Tenants in our Incubator enjoy benefits such as: Class A office space with all the amenities of a professional business park environment, including high speed internet services, close proximity to the state’s major freeway, and rent substantially below market rates for comparable space.

In addition, our Incubator tenants participate in free training and counseling designed to grow revenue, help gain access to capital and mentor owners in the successful management of their enterprise.

At its core, the BRC Incubator exists to help create and grow companies and jobs for the benefit of the Utah economy.

How to Qualify to Become an Incubator Tenant:

The Utah Valley University Business Resource Center Business Incubator (BRC Incubator) is a unique resource designed to help young companies grow their business through the launch and early revenue stages of their business life cycles.

Please see our Becoming an Incubator Tenant Process

Terms and Conditions for Residence at the Utah Valley University Business Resource Center Incubator (BRC Incubator):

The UVU BRC Incubator exists for the purpose of:

  • Providing resources to help companies succeed through their startup phase
  • Help existing businesses grow
  • Graduating from the incubator based on the achievement of one of the three criteria:Growing the Utah economy
    • Time
    • Revenue
    • Space need

 The Requirements to become and remain a tenant in the UVU BRC Incubator include, but may not be limited to: 

  1. Possess willingness to be trained, coached or mentored by BRC resources and BRC resource partners.
  2. Complete Phase I & II of the GYB training AFTER acceptance into the incubator.
  3. Monthly meetings with an SBDC counselor LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SBDC.
  4. Scalable and creates jobs: We only work with companies that are creating a business, and not just acquiring intellectual property to license to another business.
  5. A willingness to commit to reporting company progress as measured by revenue, capital infusion and job creation for 3 years after graduating from the incubator
  6. Intend to remain in the state.
  7. Ability to contribute to the success of the incubator including willingness to allow the incubator to use the company’s logos, success stories, and other business information to put on the incubator website and other incubator promotional materials.
  8. Businesses that don’t generate heavy foot traffic to the BRC IncubatorLimited duplication of existing businesses
    1. No retail
    2. The UVU BRC Incubator is best suited for companies in the following industries
      1. Manufacturing
        1. Tangible product: iMpact UTAH is a resource
        2. Process improvement
      2. High tech
      3. Hardware
      4. Software
      5. Digital media
  9. Demonstrated need for incubator services with a preference given to companies that will make the most use out of the programs and assistance available at the UVU BRC.

The three phase application process, includes the following:

  1. Application: Company must fill out an application form explaining how it meets the requirements of the incubator and why it is a better candidate than other companies. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM.
  2. Screening: The BRC Executive Committee will screen the applications and select which ones to bring back to pitch to the Executive Committee for Office Space.
  3. Pitch: Business must pitch its idea/business to the BRC Executive Committee (which consists of director and staff of organizations in the BRC), where it can explain why it should be in the incubator versus other potential tenants, how it is going to meet the requirements of scaling, creating jobs, and using incubator resources.

Current Tenants of the Business Incubator

The Business Resource Center has several "incubator" office spaces, which we lease out to small local businesses. This is a great resource to small businesses. We are proud to have and offer these businesses!

See below for a list of our current tenants.

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For more information, contact Pamela Bohn at 801-863-2720.



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