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How does the Business Resource Center help you?

Jobs.  The Business Resource Center (BRC) helps in creating jobs, for you!  Without jobs, economic progress stalls as consumer confidence erodes and cash stops flowing. The BRC supports economic development by creating, growing, attracting and retaining companies that provide jobs. Our main emphasis is on creating jobs and growing opportunities (75%).  We also provide support for state efforts to recruit jobs and increase job retention (25%).

Utah Valley University has long recognized the vital role that institutions of higher education play in economic development. UVU's emphasis on engaged, or experiential learning and the longstanding institutional focus on community integration are examples of the University's historical role in facilitating economic growth in Utah. Today, UVU is more engaged than ever in actively promoting economic growth and opportunity.

UVU's primary focus is on working with entrepreneurs to create new companies and helping small- and medium–sized firms grow. UVU also supports state efforts to recruit and retain companies that add value to Utah's economy.


chart depictiing focus and support