Hiring Employees
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Effective Recruiting-Smart Hiring PowerPoint by Lisa Stincelli with ZAMP HR

smart hiring slide 1 powerpoint effective recruiting smart hiring title slide


smart hiring slide 2 powerpoint utah employment outlook


smart hiring slide 3 powerpoint strong economy equals low unemployment


smart hiring slide 4 powerpoint recruitment overview internal and external factors


smart hiring slide 5 powerpoint recruitment process planning


smart hiring slide 6 powerpoint recruitment process strategy development


smart hiring slide 7 powerpoint recruitment process searching


smart hiring slide 8 powerpoint recruitment process screening


Effective Recruiting-Smart Hiring PowerPoint by Lisa Stincelli (Cont.)

smart hiring slide 9 powerpoint selection process preliminary interview


smart hiring slide 10 powerpoint selection process selection tests

(SLIDE 10)

smart hiring slide 11 powerpoint selection process employment interview

(SLIDE 11)

smart hiring slide 12 powerpoint selection process reference and background checks

(SLIDE 12)

smart hiring slide 13 powerpoint selection process selecting the right candidate and rejecting the wrong candidate equals a positive outcome and selecting the wrong candidate and rejecting the right candidate quals a negative outcome

(SLIDE 13)

smart hiring slide 14 powerpoint local sources for hiring jobs dot utah dot gov and lds jobs dot org and ksl dot com and for veterans William J Greer at wgreer at utah dot gov

(SLIDE 14)

smart hiring slide 15 powerpoint national reach for hiring indeed dot com and craigs list dot com and monster dot com and simply hired dot com and zip recruiter dot com and glass door dot com and face book dot com and linked in dot com

(SLIDE 15)

smart hiring slide 16 powerpoint questions and discussion Zamp HR full service Professional Employer Organization with payroll administration unemployment management and workers compensation management and benefits administration and human resource consulting for more info contact Craig Allred at craig at zamp hr dot com or eight zero one three seven six seven five five one 

(SLIDE 16)