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How we can help you impact your Business.

Succeed in Your Business:

The only path to success in business is to find the answer to three questions, and then execute on those answers as flawlessly as possible.

The questions are simple to ask, but difficult to answer. But the answer is of bedrock variety...the kind you have an emotive response to, that you know is true deep in your bones.

Without the kind of conviction that comes from those sorts of answers, you’ll never develop the resolve necessary to carry through on your intentions and be able to weather the opposition to your resolve that will always manifest itself, and do so at the time you’re least prepared to deal with it.

When you develop that kind of conviction… the kind that only comes from discovering the capital T kind of truth, you become an unstoppable whirling dervish of momentum, capable of moving mountains and withstanding even the most ardent naysayers.

Finding answers to these questions:

  • What problem am I solving?
  • How am I solving it uniquely?
  • What is the value proposition that my potential customers recognize as meaningful and compelling?

Success in business is achieved by solving a problem that exists in the market place, doing so in a unique way and offering a value proposition recognized by the audience with the problem. We focused on how to spot problems that need solving… niches in the market that are left begging for a solution, or more frequently, a meaningful improvement to an existing solution.

Impact your business revenue:

Now that you’ve validated your idea, developed your business model and begun putting your business model into action, we invite you to attend Phase IV — sales acceleration.

You will be taught by one of the national leaders in sales acceleration training, Griffin Hill. Their Integrity Sales System is the most complete sales methodology available. Their six step sales process brings immediate and sustained results using a clear path to move from one step to the next. Companies like IntegraCore of Salt Lake City increased their new sales by 300% in their first five months of use, using this proven method for increasing sales success.

The Integrity Sales System is based on the principle that high performance is the outcome of systematic adherence to natural law. This system focuses leaders and employees on consistent actions that govern success. Adhering to these natural laws and high leverage activities help their client’s experience rapid, substantial and sustainable revenue growth.

This revenue acceleration course is taught in a 12 consecutive week format, for one hour each Monday morning, beginning promptly at 9 AM in our main conference room.

We can help:

If you feel you’ve identified a unique solution to an existing problem, would like a reality check and possibly some help polishing and monetizing it, come to the UVU Business Resource Center for our assistance.