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Impact of the UVU VIVINT Neuromarketing SMARTLab:


  • In a little over a year, the UVU Vivint SMARTLAB has evolved into one of the most advanced, professional, full-service, neuromarketing labs in the country and is now one of UVU’s most exciting, intriguing, and unique offerings.
  • The SMARTLab has educated over 2300 corporate executives and students on neuromarketing methodologies and testing techniques.

Cutting-Edge Training And Significant Hands-On-Experience For Students

  • Undergraduate and graduate students now get hands-on-training with the most advanced neuromarketing testing technologies available.
  • Student employees receive real-life project lead experience while refining their professional interaction and presentation skills.
  • UVU Vivint SMARTLab has completed 28 corporate or educational projects since launch and 14 more projects are pending.


  • Student’s SMARTLab eye tracking research has been presented locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • UVU Woodbury School of Business Marketing Department is seen as being more technologically advanced than other universities.
  • Industry leading companies are highlighting the UVU VIVINT Neuromarketing SMARTLab on their websites.
  • The SMARTLab has trained more than 135 students on professional selling, which has led to several of them receiving awards at local and national sales, marketing, and financial planning competitions.

Publication Opportunities

  • Several UVU student employees are building significant portfolios of research and they are currently submitting them for publication in journals.

Student Employment Opportunities

  • SMARTLab student employees are being sought out by industry leaders because of their cutting-edge training and experience with conducting biometric studies.



Impact of the Tahitian International Provo: iMpact UTAH Lab:

If these changes happened overnight, I doubt they would be sustainable, but we are changing behaviors, eliminating wastes, and steady progress is showing Steve Lesser, Director of Supply Chain

Supply Chain Transformation

Morinda Bioactives has been in business since 1995 with 700 employees in Provo, UT. Their mission has been to use the power of nature to help people live healthier, longer lives. Everything they do—from product development to packaging to business innovation has helped them accomplish that mission.


Transformation doesn’t happen without thought and continued effort. It is a carefully staged, worked goal which must endure to enable change to occur. VP of Operations, Charlie Smith, knew he had to increase the productivity of his employees and the efficiency of his activities in order to keep up with demands from an anticipated sales growth within the company. Business was growing and he wanted to surpass demands. To do so, he enlisted NIST MEP affiliate Utah MEP to help transform the business.


Morinda selected 22 people to go through Transformation with Utah MEP. These “influencers” were taught how to teach, mentor, and coach transformation activities and drive continuous improvement through the facility. They developed knowledge, skill, and ability in topics such as: crucial conversations, leadership and self deception, and the 7 learning disabilities and how mental models influence behaviors. Further, they learned and applied visuals communication, Value Stream Mapping (Systems Thinking), and daily practice (Toyota Kata). They then took this to the next level of supervisors who were encouraged to attend courses and pass down the process to fellow employees. To date, over 100 employees have gone through Transformation training, exercises, and implementation. Each individual has specific goals to achieve and new projects to implement as a result of these discussions and activities. Now the supervisors are training their floor individuals in Transformation and results are being seen and measured throughout their supply chain.


  • Inventory value has decreased by $3.2M
  • Cost savings of $50,000 per month
  • 63% of finished good inventory items meeting target
  • Forecast accuracy increased to 55%
  • New product developed and first phase launched

Utah SBDC Network Business Recognition