The Latino Scientists of Tomorrow (LST) program at Utah Valley University is intended to encourage more Latino high school students to explore careers in the sciences. The courses will provide the students with an introduction to university-level science, and will give the students a head start toward a variety of degrees in biology, biotechnology, environmental science, and earth science. The courses also count as general education classes at UVU and will apply to whatever majors the students ultimately pursue. In addition to the courses, the program offers extracurricular activities such as college success training, field trips to professional job sites, and/or field trips to collect scientific data. Classes and activities will be held Monday through Thursday.


Courses Offered:

  • BTEC 1010 | Fundamentals of Biotechnology (3 Credits)
  • GEO 1010 | Introduction to Geology (3 Credits)

Application for Latino Scientists of Tomorrow

Application deadline April 30, 2018