UVU Culinary Arts Institute dominates at Western Regionals


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ACF National Champions!

In July 2016, the following UVU Culinary Arts students placed at the ACF Nationals Competition


MICHELLE STEPHENSON ~ ACF Student Chef of the Year!


ACF ~ 2016 Knowledge Bowl National Team

                    ALISSA CLARKSON

                        JULIA GREEN

                     COLLEEN WEBB

                     EMILY WILLIAMS







Channel 2 Story on UVU's Chef Peter Sproul


Check out the interview of UVU Culinary Arts Chef Peter given by Channel 2 News in Salt Lake City this year.

Click the link below .



Congratulation to Chef Peter Sproul for winning a SILVER medal in his first International competition in Luxembourg this weekend! Way to go, Chef!


Peter Sproul



Want to Travel and compete around the COUNTRY – WORLD


 We’re holding UVU Culinary Competitor Tryouts NEXT WEEK… Monday afternoon/Evening 11.14.16

                                                                                        And Tuesday Morning 11/15/16 (for night student only)

Upcoming Competitions you will be eligible for …..IF YOU TRY OUT.


·         Apprentice for the 2017 Hans Bueschkens World Finals in LYON FRANCE Jan 20-26, 2017 students must be under 25 as of the 25th of 2017.  Trip to France….


·         2017 UVU Student Hot Food Team 5-7 students – Competing in Chicago Feb 2-6, 2017

·         National Finals in Orlando FL August 2017


·         2017 UVU Hot Food Candidate for Skills USA –    Competition in Utah March 2017

·         Competition in Louisville KY June 2017

·         2017 Chaine des Rotisseur Jeune Rotiesseur       Competition at UVU March 11, 2017

·         National Finals FL June 2017

·         World Finals – Australia September 2017


·         2017 Copa Cup – International Team Comp          Mexico City, Mexico  July 2017


Try Out Detail:

All applicants must participate in a SK Competition next Monday evening or Tuesday Morning.

You must prepare the 2017 classical required dish for all student competition teams.

                                Escoffiers: Filets de Sole Lady Egmont   recipe # 1972

The fact sheet and link to a video prepared by the student competition committee chair is listed below.


This will be an ACF sanctioned competition, standard SK format:

Applicants will have to make 2 portions of a finished COMPLETE DISH of Filets de Sole Lady Egmont having:                                                          15 min                   Set Up time

                                                                60 min                   Cook Time

                                                                10 min                   Finish Cook / Plate Time

                                                                15 min                   Clean Up time

General Guidelines for Category SK

• Competitors must provide at least four judges packets that include: recipes, all ingredients and a complete diagram or a clear, close-up, color photograph of the signature dish. Packets are to be provided to judges on-site the day of the competition.

• Ingredients for the recipe are allowed to be pre-scaled and measured, however, no pre-mixing is allowed. • No advance preparation or cooking is allowed.

• Cleaned and peeled mirepoix ingredients are acceptable. Chopped herbs, shallots and garlic are also acceptable.

• Vegetables can be peeled and salads may be cleaned and washed, but not cut or shaped in any form; beans may be pre-soaked.

• No finished soups or sauces are allowed. However, basic stocks may be brought in. No clarified consommés are allowed.

• The following ready-made dough may be brought in: bric, puff pastry and filo dough.

• All combinations of ingredients must be completed during the competitors allotted competition time.

• Competitors may also bring proteins pre-marinated, but will be required to demonstrate fabrication of protein and making of marinade during allotted time frame.

• Competitors are allowed to bring in only the whole and raw materials in the amounts stated in their recipes. However, judges may allow variances in amounts for products that require further preparation (whole fish, meats, etc.).  UVU will provide you will need to do set up and organization prior to competition.

Student Team Fact Sheet


The link to the you tube video ---

Foldthefilletsandshallow poach withverygoodfishstock.Atthe same time,slice30g(1oz)mushroomsandcookquickly with alittlebutter,lemon juice, saltandpepper. Drainthe fillets.


Addthe cookingliquor from themushrooms tothat from the fishandreducebyhalf,add30g(1oz)butter2tbs cream the cookedmushrooms and 2tbsfreshlycookedand well drainedasparagustips.


Arrange the fillets in an ovalgratin ovalgratin dish,cover withthe sauceincludingitsgarnishand glazequicklyn averyhot oven orunderthe salamander.”


Fish Selection: Any solewill beacceptablefor the cookingof this dish

Special product allowances:MushroomLiquor

Asparagus: Greenorwhiteare acceptable

AcceptableGarnishes:Puff pastry Fleuron

Sub-recipes & methodsfor review:

1554The Poachingof fishinsmall amount of liquidPage223

Filets DESole- b)



You will need to add at least one vegetable and one starch to your dish FROM ESCOFFIEUR

You will also have to butcher / fabricate your sole…


If you have any question.  Feel free to contact Chef Peter at

Chef Lyn will be working Friday November 11, 2016 in the UCCU Center kitchen from 9:30am – 2pm for a practice.

Chef Peter will be at the UCCU Center kitchen Sunday 11am – 3pm