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Care About Childcare at Utah Valley University offers help to providers through:

Obtaining a Child Care License

Provider Whole Record Update

Provider Vacancy Update

Provider Quarterly Newsletters

Lending Library

Marketing/Business/Tax Information


Professional Development

DWS Child Care Subsidy Tables


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Families can use Care About Childcare at Utah Valley University for:

Finding the right child caregiver is often challenging, but one of the most important decisions you will make. Even though, as parents you are the most important people in your child's life, the relationship you have with his caregiver will also affect how he feels about himself and the world around him as he grows up. Our counselors are available to answer questions and help you feel confident about your child care decision.

When choosing the most appropriate child care setting for your child, it is very important for you to understand the types of care in Utah. Take the time to visit several providers before making your important decision. Quality of care provided will vary from provider to provider regardless of regulation. Our counselors are willing and ready to help you become a more informed child care consumer.

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