Lending Library and Resource Room

Lending Library

We have a library full of resources for providers.
Resources include but are not limited to toys, resource books,
children's literature, themed kits, DVDs, and CDs.

Just ask us what you want to learn and we welcome your suggestions. 
Call 801-863-8631, if you have any questions.

View of Lending Library Room

Resource Room

The Resource Room is open to providers and community friends during the
following times:

    1. Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
      CALL FIRST! We are sometime closed for off-site meetings.
    2. Resource Nights: Current Schedule in our newsletter
    3. Before Training Classes: Providers may come 15 minutes before training classes to use the die cuts and checkout Lending Library materials.

The laminator and copier is only available for use during regular office hours and  Resource Night. You can leave a small amount of items to be laminated or copied by the CAC-UVU staff. Please leave the items with your name and phone number at the front desk.

Providers have access to:

Resource Room Policy
Annual limits:

  • Lamination 30 ft. and 150 copies
    (per Licensed Center Classroom & Administration, FFN, or Exempt Programs)
  • Lamination 60 ft. and 150 copies
    (Licensed Family or Residential Certificate with capacity up to 8)
  • Lamination 90 ft. and 150 copies
    (Licensed Family with capacity 8 to 16)

Printing Policy: Business/Administration forms and teacher materials will be copied. No worksheets or coloring pages.

Each year (July-May) provider will be given a new resource room contract that will be kept at CAC-UVU. When the annual limits have been reached the cost is $.50 a foot for lamination and $.25 for 10 copies or $.05 for a single copy.

Please call 801-863-8589 to let us know you'll be stopping in.

View of Resource Room