Resource Night

What is Resource Night?

Training Resource Night
Caregivers that work in licensed, regulated, and license exempt programs who attends this resource night will receive face-to-face training and a packet with teaching materials and handouts on the topic being discussed that night. 

Open Resource Night
This resource night is self-guided to use the Lending Library and Resource Room materials:
die cutspdf, laminator, make copies, and check out Lending Library materialspdf.

Come, relax, and visit with fellow child care providers. CAC-UVU staff will be available for CAC website, grants, class registration, Career Ladder and PDI questions.

We do have 4 computer stations available for child care providers to use for submitting grant documentation and any other required online state information on this night or by appointment during regular office hours.

When are Resource Nights?

Care About Childcare at Utah Valley University Resource Nights 
will be offered at least once a quarter on a weeknight.
Registration is required to attend (801-863-7453).

Time: Staff will be available from 5:30 - 8:30 pm, so come when you can. 
Where: CAC-UVU Office

Please see our Resource Corner page for information on dates and themed activities in our current newsletter

Resource Nights are a child-free nights.

To view photos of our past Resource Nights and the packet material examples like our Facebook page.
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