Recycling is a very important piece of sustainability. Utah Valley University operates a program to reduce our recyclable waste around campus. From paper to plastic to metal, there are lots of items we use each day that can be recycled instead of added to a landfill.

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What can I recycle on Campus?



Spiral-bound Maybe

  • Spirals and any laminated pages must be removed for books to be recycled. If the spiral cannot be removed, then the notebook can not be recycled.
  • Please remove the spirals and laminated pages and place in the trash.
  • Please place paper pages in bins for paper.

Composition Notebooks Yes

  •  Please place composition notebooks in bins for paper.

Writing Pads Yes

  • Please place writing pads in bins for paper.

Magazines Yes

  •  Regular magazines can be recycled as is, and do not need to have staples removed.
  • Please place magazines in bins for paper.

Plastic wrapped Magazine Maybe icon

  •  If the magazine is wrapped in plastic, please remove the plastic and throw it away.
  • Please place magazines in bins for paper.


General Boxes Yes Icon

  •  Can be recycled
  • Tape does not need to be removed.
  • Please break boxes down (flat) and place large boxes next to/behind bins for paper.
  • Please place small cardboard in bins for paper.
  • Styrofoam packaging materials cannot be recycled. Please remove it and throw it away.

Pizza/Food Boxes No Icon

  •  Grease and other food waste renders cardboard unrecyclable.
  • Even if you cannot see grease, if the box has had food in it, throw it away.
  • Please place pizza boxes in the trash.


Completely Paper Yes icon

  • Please place envelopes in bins for paper.

Paper with Plastic Window Yes icon

  • Recycling machines can sort the plastic out, there is no need to remove it.
  • Please place envelopes in bins for paper.

Manila with Metal Clasps Maybe icon

  • The metal clasps that come with Manila envelopes cannot be recycled, but the rest of the envelope can.
  • Please remove the metal clasp and place in the trash.
  • Please place envelopes in bins for paper.

Lined with Bubble Wrap No icon

  • Envelopes with bubble wrap permanently adhered to them cannot be recycled.
  • Please place bubble wrap lined envelopes in the trash.


Completely Paper Yes icon

  • Please place  folders in bins for paper.

Can be ripped like paper/has no lamination Yes icon

  • Please place  folders in bins for paper.

Cannot be ripped/has lamination/feels plastic No icon

  •  Folders that are laminated or have a plastic coating cannot be recycled.
  • Please place laminated/plastic folders in the trash.

Has Plastic Tabs Maybe icon

  • The plastic tabs on these folders cannot be recycled, but the rest of the folder can.
  • Please remove the plastic tabs and place in the trash.
  • Please place folders in bins for paper.

Hanging folder with Metal Tabs No icon

  •  The waxy coating on these folders makes them unrecyclable whether the metal is still attached or not.
  • Please place hanging folders in the trash.


Normal-Weight White or Colored Paper, Cardstock, or Sticky Notes Yes

  • Tape and staples may be left on when recycled.
  • Please remove paper clips and alligator clips before recycling.
  • Please place paper in bins for paper.

Shredded Paper Yes

  • Shredded paper must be bagged before it can be recycled.
  • Please place bags of paper in bins for paper.

Laminated Paper No

  • The plastic of the lamination renders the paper unrecyclable.
  • Please place laminated paper in the trash.

Cups No

  • Paper cups (coffee, fountain drink, Dixie paper, etc.) are lined with waterproofing wax. This renders them unrecyclable.
  • Please place cups in the trash.


Food Packaging

 Chip bags, Drink Lids, Straws, Disposable utensils, Candy Wrappers, or assorted Food Soiled Items No

  • These items are all not recyclable.
  • Please place food packaging or anything soiled by food waste in the trash.

Cups Maybe

  •  Plastic cups are almost always made of polypropylene [5]; which UVU does not recycle.
  • Please place plastic cups in the trash OR take these items home for recycling. 

Containers Maybe

  •  Clean plastic containers are not recyclable at UVU at this time.
  • Please place plastic containers in the trash OR take these items home for recycling. 

Plastic Bottles

PET/PETE (1) Yes

  • All bottles with a PET/PETE (1) recycling symbol can be recycled at UVU. This includes disposable soda and water bottles.
  • Lids and labels to appropriate bottles may remain on the bottle when recycled.
  • Please place type 1 PET bottles in bins for plastic.

PET/PETE (2) Maybe

  • Milk Jugs and bottles that contained cleaning supplies (soap, shampoo, Lysol wipes, ect.) are typically labeled PET/PETE (2). These items are not recyclable at UVU.
  • Check the bottom of the bottle to find the plastic type. If it does not say [1] PET or [1] PETE, please throw it away OR  take these items home for recycling.

Other Plastics

Saran Wrap, Balloons No

  • These items are not recyclable.
  • Please place these plastics in the trash.

Grocery Bags Maybe

  • Grocery Bags cannot be recycled at UVU.
  • Please place these plastics in the trash OR take them to an accepting location (Walmart is one such place).

All plastic that is not a PET/PETE (1) bottle Maybe

  • All other recyclable plastic is not recyclable at UVU at this time.
  • Please place plastic in the trash OR take these items home for recycling.



Cans Yes icon

  • All Aluminum drink cans (such as soda, juice, energy drink, ect.) can be recycled, and do not need to be crushed.
  • Please place aluminum cans in bins for cans.

Aluminum Foil No

  • All Aluminum foil cannot be recycled. This includes candy wrappers, gum wrappers, ect.
  • Please place these metals in the trash.

Metal Fast Food Trays No icon

  • Fast Food trays (such as those from Costa Vida) cannot be recycled.
  • Please place these metals in the trash.


Cans Maybe

  • Tin cans (such as soup, vegetables, ect) cannot currently be recycled at UVU.
  • Please place tin cans in bins for trash, OR take them home for recycling.

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Have questions about something not listed? Or wish to know more about this list? Please contact Alyssa Gorski at (801) 510-6924.