UVU GreenBucks Account benefits

GreenBucks is an optional, declining-balance account that may be used for purchases at select on-campus and off-campus locations. These funds carry over from semester to semester and year to year so long as the account remains active. Refer to the list below for locations that GreenBucks can be accepted, and which locations provide the 5% discount.*

To begin your UVU GreenBucks account, or make a deposit to an existing account fill out the online form here,

Make an Online Deposit or check your balance

Or you can visit Campus Connection at SC106f in the Sorensen Center.

*Please keep in mind that our GreenBucks system is currently expanding across campus. Some of the locations on this list may experience technical difficulties and be unable to process this type of payment. Be sure to ask a cashier before attempting to make a purchase, or submitting an order to make sure that their system can accept GreenBucks for your order.

Utilizing GreenBucks

1. Have a UVU ID Card.

Your GreenBucks account is attached to your UVUID card. This account works with both the UVU OneCard, and the UCCU PlusCard.

2. Make a deposit into your GreenBucks account.

3. Check the Accepting Locations list to see if your desired location takes GreenBucks as payment.

4. Tell the cashier to charge the transaction to your GreenBucks before you swipe your card.

When swiping a UCCU PlusCard, make sure to swipe the Green stripe to utilize your GreenBucks.


$5 fee for account closers.  Cannot issue cash.  Can only refund to original transaction card or check.

Refund can take 3-6 weeks.

Accepting Locations

Campus Locations

*5% Discount Available


  • Bookstore Locations:
    • Scoops
    • Wolverine Tech
    • UVU Bookstore
  • Dining Service locations
    • Pizza Hut Express
    • Green Line Cafe
    • Mom Fulton's Cafe/Starbucks (Library)
    • E.A.T.S. (Everything and Then Some)
    • Trades Cafe
    • Chick-fil-A
    • Taco Bell

Campus Locations

*No Discount Available


  • Campus Connection
  • UVU Post Office
  • Cashier's Office
  • Textbook Purchases at the UVU Bookstore
  • Dining Locations
    • Subway
    • Roll Up Crepes
    • Cupbop
    • Wendy's

Off-Campus Locations

*No Discount Available


  • CVS Pharmacy - 1273 N University Ave (inside Target)
  • Roll Up Crepes - 538 E University Pkwy