Submit your own Photo

Photos submitted must meet these guidelines:

  • Photos must be in color and have a plain black, white or gray background.
  • Photos cannot be cropped too closely or be manipulated.
  • Photos must be taken in full-face view, directly angled towards camera with no harsh shadows.
  • Photos must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect current appearance.
  • Uniforms, costumes, or props are not allowed. Religious clothing worn daily, including head coverings, are acceptable.
  • Hats, sunglasses, non-religious head coverings, headphones, or similar items are not allowed. Medical hearing devices may be worn.
  • Eyeglasses are acceptable provided there is no glare or shadows obscuring the eye(s).
  • No photos with family members, friends, or pets.
  • No Avatars.


Note: UVU Marketing ($75) and Campus Connection (free) are equipped to take
photos that meet these standards. This photo will be used on your ID card and in
various campus systems for UVU Identification.

Photo Examples

Click on the pictures below to discover why each picture is good or bad.

Good Photos

 Student smiling for ID photo

Good Photo!

Student has a plain white background behind him, good lighting on his face, and no extra items.
 Student ID card photo

Good Photo!

Smiling is not required. But good a plain background and adequate spacing is!

Bad Photos

 Student with face covering

Bad Photo

  • Nothing obstructing the face can be worn
  • Student is not centered on in photo
  • Image is not appropriately cropped
  • Background is not a plain white color
 Student wearing hat

Bad Photo

  • No hats are allowed in photos
  • Background is not a plain white color
Student with headphones around neck

Bad Photo

  • No headphones are allowed in photos
  • Background is not a plain white color
Student with poor lighting in photo

Bad Photo

  • Photo is poorly lit
  • Background is not a plain white color

Ready to Verify Your Identity?

Once you have submitted your photo, please set up an appointment for an ID Verification Meeting. This meeting can be done online or in-person at our desk in the Sorensen Center. Proceed to the Acceptable forms of ID page to set up this appointment.

View Acceptable forms of ID and How to Join Teams