Faculty/Staff UV I.D. Cards

There are two types of UV ID Cards that Faculty/Staff can obtain:
  1. UV OneCard
  2. UV PlusCard

The UV OneCard is $5 and allows the holder access to:

The UV OneCard gives you discounts for:

  • Any food and beverage purchase in Dining Services (5% off)
  • Some items in the Bookstore (10% off on items excluding text books and electronic items)
  • Many events and activities on campus
  • Select community merchants.

The Door Access Card is your UV OneCard/UV PlusCard. It's has an added function of door access for specific buildings and/or rooms on campus. The only way to obtain this function is through VP and/or departmental approval. The card is $5 for the first card (usually paid for by the department), $15 for any replacements. Door Access Instructions.

The following items must be provided in order to obtain any UV ID Card:

  1. Verification of employment
  2. Government issued photo identification (passport, drivers license, state ID card, etc.)
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