Personal Training

The Student Life & Wellness Center offers an excellent Personal Training Program that allows participants to work under the supervision and expertise of a certified Personal Trainer. Potential clients can sign up to work with our staff who can assist them in accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

One-on-One Personal Training

1 Session

Member - $20

Non-Member - $30

3 Sessions

Member - $50

Non-Member - $80

6 Sessions

Member - $100

Non-Member - $160

 10 Sessions

Member - $160

Non-Member - $260


Group Personal Training (2-4 people)

1 Session

Member - $15

Non-Member - $25

3 Sessions

Member - $40

Non-Member - $70

6 Sessions

Member - $70

Non-Member - $130

 10 Sessions

Member - $110

Non-Member - $210


*Clients must be 18 years or older to work with a SLWC personal trainer.

*If you are a non-member then you will have to pay a $5 guest fee every time you come in and meet with a personal trainer.

*To register call (801)863-5552 or visit the 2nd floor control desk in the Student Life & Wellness Center

Who should see a personal trainer?

  • Patrons who need an individualized program for their specific needs and goals.
  • Patrons who desire individual attention and feedback.
  • Patrons who have reached a plateau, and would like to enhance performance.

How often should I work with a personal trainer?

The number of visits with a personal trainer will be based on your specific needs and goals, along with a trainer's recommendation. The more often you meet with your personal trainer the easier it will be to reach your goals.


Personal Trainers

Janessa Bates - Trainer

Janessa Bates

Janessa has been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2015 and is currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. She plans to get a Masters degree in nutrition and wellness. She says being a trainer is amazing and seeing clients excited when they see their body go through changes and the impact it has on their overall well-being. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, racquetball, running and cooking since she is a major foodie!

Austin Bettridge - Trainer

Austin Bettridge

Austin is currently pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and is NASM, CFSC, and FNS certified. Growing up overweight, he became his first client. This caused him to begin a journey into fitness, developing a passion and knowledge of the workings of the human body. He now uses that passion and knowledge to help others reach their fitness goals. He has experience with all ages and populations. He has helped clients with goals related to weight loss, increasing muscle mass, bodybuilding, functional strength, and athletes.

Sam Nifong - Trainer

Sam Nifong

Sam is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  He has a passion for fitness that he developed over the past few years as he worked to transform from overweight to athlete.  He loved helping others find the best versions of themselves and helping them find confidence that they didn't know they had.