Managing Incomplete Grades

Incomplete (I) Grades

Qualifying Criteria

  • The student must have an extenuating circumstance. Some examples may include:
    • Incapacitating illness which prevents a student from attending classes (usually more than five consecutive class days)
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Change in work schedule as required by employer
    • Other emergencies deemed acceptable by the instructor.
  • The extenuating circumstance must have occurred after the end of the 12th week of a semester or 6th week of a block. If the extenuating circumstance occurs before the 12th week of a semester or 6th week of a block, but after the drop deadline, the student should immediately petition the department chair for an Official Withdrawal Exception.
  • Seventy percent of the coursework must have been completed by the student.
  • An Incomplete (I) Grade should be given only when the student can complete the remaining coursework on an individual basis with the instructor. Canvas can be used to facilitate course completion; however, faculty CANNOT add the student into a similar Canvas course taught during any subsequent semesters.
  • The student CANNOT attend a similar section of the course in a subsequent semester; this stipulation includes re-registering for the course. In some special instances, such as a lab class, attendance may be required for the portion of the class or lab section missed.
  • The instructor designates the specific length of time in which the student must complete the remaining course work. If the student is unable to meet the deadline agreed upon by the instructor, the instructor may grant an extension of time to the student; however, all of the remaining coursework must be completed within one year of the original end date for the course. If the coursework is not made up within the maximum one year time-frame, the student’s ‘I’ Grade will automatically change to an ‘E’ Grade.

Completion Instructions - Incomplete Grade Form

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Policy - Taken from the Academic Course Catalog

Students are required to complete all courses for which they are registered by the end of the semester. In some cases, a student may be unable to complete all of the course work because of extenuating circumstances. The term “extenuating circumstances” includes: (1) incapacitating illness which prevents a student from attending classes (usually more than five consecutive class days); (2) a death in the immediate family; (3) change in work schedule as required by employer; or (4) other emergencies deemed acceptable by the instructor.

If circumstances are deemed appropriate, the student may petition the instructor for time beyond the end of the semester to finish the work. If the instructor agrees, an “I” grade will be given. An Incomplete Grade Form indicating work completed and work to be completed must be signed by the department chairperson, and turned into the Registrar’s Office at the end of the semester.

“I” grades should not be requested nor given for lack of completion of work because of procrastination or dissatisfaction with the grade earned. As a general rule, students should be passing the course and lack less than 30% of the course work in order to qualify for an incomplete.

Specific arrangements to remove an “I” grade must be made between the student and the instructor. In most circumstances, work to be completed should be finished in the first two or three weeks following the end of the semester in which the “I” was given.

The incomplete work cannot be completed by retaking the class. If such an option is preferred, the student should take the grade earned and then retake the class for a better grade. The grade for the later class will be calculated in the GPA. In all cases, the “I” grade must be made up within one year. If it is not, the “I” grade will change to an “E” on the transcript. “I” grades are not computed in the GPA.

Quick Steps

  • Review the qualifying criteria in the main section of this page.
  • The Incomplete Grade form is processed using DocuSign.
  • View 'Completion Instructions' in the main section of this page.