5 Easy Steps for Setting Up Your Internship Course

  1. Import the UVU Internship Course from Canvas Commons: To do this, first go into your existing internship course for the current semester course you wish to update. On the left tab icon list on the left of your screen, select the commons icon (see below). In the search bar of commons type in "utah valley" and the course will be displayed. Next, check the box for your existing course and select "Import into Canvas" and Voilà!, the course has been imported.
    • AFirst Step of Canvas Course Import
    • BLast Step of Canvas Course Import
  2. Update your syllabus: There is a word document template as well as a page within this course that has the text template. Update the page with your name and contact information, adjust he number of working hours required per credit hour if your college or department requires 75 hours, and edit any other additional content or language changes you find appropriate. Common editable locations are highlighted in red. You can then update the page, copy the content, and put it into the syllabus section of this course or simply leave it within the page. If you would like to edit a word document version, it is in the Files section of this course. Edits include adjusting the syllabus to include If you would like a syllabus document in your course, go to files and download the existing syllabus template. Make any necessary edits and then upload the syllabus back into the course.
  3. Edit and add content: Review the text on the introduction page and any other pages to determine if you would like to make edits to the existing content. Some content may need to be edited, however, it is our goal to reduce this as much as possible. You will need to keep the Learning Agreement and the Internship Completion Survey in your course per university requirements, but the other content is optional. Adjust grading criteria for assignments including point values and due dates.
  4. Review the course: Ensure all pages, assignments, and other criteria are complete and correct.
  5. Save and publish your content: Once you are satisfied with your course, click the Publish button in the upper right corner of the Home page. Now you are good to go!


Internship Completion Assessment (In Canvas)

Supervisor Evaluation (In Canvas)

Technical Support

Importing internship content into your existing course:  Please contact:Marty Overly, Career and Internship Center

General Canvas technical support: For canvas training resources, refer to the following page. Canvas Faculty. You can also get assistance from the UVU Office of Teaching and Learning Lab for general help with Canvas.

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