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Philosophy and Humanities



Philosophy & Humanities


CB 507 (PHIL) & CB 211 (HUM)


801-863-8352 & 801-863-6284



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Pierre Lamarche


Mission Statement

The UVU Philosophy and Humanities Department is committed to the idea that logic and critical thinking are the core of all academic disciplines. The department engages in the critical study of the intellectual and creative underpinnings of the liberal arts curriculum. The humanities reflect on and interact with those creative enterprises that make us most human: art, architecture, music, and poetry. Philosophy engages theoretical and practical questions about reality and human experience in the life-long pursuit of truth and understanding.

In keeping with the democratic ideal of an educated citizenship, the department aims to provide the highest quality educational experience to prepare students for an increasingly complex and intellectually demanding society. The free exploration of ideas will expose students to a variety of perspectives on important issues; the critical examination of those ideas will impart the skills of reflection and decision-making.

The department hopes to develop in its students a set of skills and knowledge useful for all forms of reflection and investigation. First, we teach the skills of critical thinking - both the practical skills of problem solving, and the subtler exercise of reflection on one’s own values and beliefs. Second, we teach the skills of communication, through effective speech and clear, rigorous writing. Third, we impart a wide variety of content, including knowledge of the history of philosophy and the humanities, an appreciation and understanding of human diversity, and a connection of these topics to practical life. Fourth, we hope to impart the basic values of the liberal arts, including self- reflectiveness, intellectual curiosity, and creativity.

Philosophy & Humanities

  • Advisor: Erin Donahoe-Rankin 
  • Office: CB 506H
  • Telephone: 801-863-6717
  • Email:
  • Humanities Program Coordinator: Sam Liang
  • Telephone: 801-863-6266
  • Email: SLiang

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