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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Administrative Support: Sarah Qualls
  • Office: CB 509
  • Telephone: 801-863-7435
  • Email:
  • Fax: 801-863-7383
  • Assistant to Dean, Finance & Operations: Jolene Arnoff
  • Office: CB 509E
  • Telephone: 801-863-8743
  • Email:
  • Interim Associate Dean, Academics: Steven Clark
  • Office: CB 509C
  • Telephone: 801-863-8082
  • Email:
  • Assistant Dean, Administration: Toni E. Harris
  • Office: CB 509D
  • Telephone: 801-863-6816
  • Email:
  • Communication Specialist: Spencer Wright
  • Office: CB 507T
  • Telephone: 801-863-6042
  • Email:
  • Fax: 801-863-7383
  • Internship Specialist: McKay Isham
  • Office: CB 508C
  • Telephone: 801-863-5639
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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts/Science

Behavioral Science

  • Anthropology
  • Family Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Speech Communication

Deaf Studies

  • General Deaf Studies
  • Interpreting


  • Creative Writing
  • Literary Studies
  • Writing Studies

Integrated Studies

  • American Sign Language
  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Communication
  • English
  • Ethics
  • French
  • German
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Photography
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

Political Science

  • American Government
  • World Politics
  • Political Philosophy/Public Law

Secondary Education

  • ASL and Deaf Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Spanish


Bachelor of Social Work

Associate in Arts/Science

Behavioral Science
English with an Emphasis in Technical Communication
History and Political Science

Certificate of Proficiency

Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling
Technical Communication


Chinese Commerce
Chinese Language
Chinese Studies
Constitutional Studies
Deaf Studies
English Creative Writing
English Education
English Literary Studies
Latin American Studies
Political Science
Russian Studies
Technical Communication
Writing Studies



 Behavioral Science

  • Department Chair: Cameron John
  • Office: CB 210B
  • Telephone: 801-863-6377

Academic Advising Appointments:

The Behavioral Science department is a rigorous interdisciplinary program (Anthropology, Family Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, and Autism Studies) that prepares students to make positive contributions in their academic, work, and community settings by developing their understanding of human functioning in various contexts. We promote and mentor student engagement with each other and with their academic, professional, or geographic communities in order to achieve essential learning outcomes.



  • Department Chair: Janet Colvin
  • Office: CB 502V
  • Telephone: 801-863-7282

The mission of the Department of Communication is to prepare students to execute critical thinking skills and to help students prepare for careers that require expertise in oral, written, and/or mediated communications. The department offers programs of study leading to Associate in Arts/Science and Bachelor of Arts/Science degrees with concentrations in Journalism, Public Relations, or Speech Communication. Communication is also available as an emphasis for a BA or BS in Integrated Studies.

Programs of study in Communication at UVU offer a balance of analytic and applied approaches to study in the field. The department offers an expanding menu of beginning and advanced courses in interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, international communication, organizational communication and journalism.

Encouraging student internships, and working closely with Student Media and other units on campus, the curriculum balances traditional, academic-style learning with applied, practical approaches to study in the field.

Note: Communication students in the journalism emphasis are required to have laptop computers.


English & Literature

  • Department Chair: Grant Moss
  • Office: CB 402A
  • Telephone: 801-863-6294
  • Assistant Chair: Nathan Gorelick
  • Office: CB 402A
  • Telephone: 801-863-6072

The Department of English and Literature provides an innovative and stimulating learning environment to help students broaden their cultural experiences, deepen and refine their abilities in critical thinking, and improve their skills in written and verbal communication. By offering courses, programs and activities in literature, creative writing, college-level composition, and technical communication, the department aims to foster an invigorating and diverse learning community that changes the ways students envision themselves and the world, thus making them more thoughtful and productive contributors to their communities. Students pursuing English studies gain invaluable workplace skills: they think more critically and creatively; they communicate clearly and logically; they comprehend the ways language defines and affects behavior, and they come to understand the complexity of human relations in various cultural and historical contexts.


History & Political Science

  • Department Chair: David Connelly
  • Office: CB 203A
  • Telephone: 801-863-8642

In keeping with the University’s mission, the History and Political Science department is dedicated to providing students with a broad range of opportunities and experiences in general-education and discipline-specific courses in history and political science. Classes are taught in ways that foster critical thinking and analysis of complex issues and materials through lecture, reading, class discussion, and the development of written- and oral-presentation skills. The History and Political Science department strives to provide a reflective, multicultural, and international perspective.


Integrated Studies

  • Department Chair: Wayne Hanewicz
  • Office: CB 311H
  • Telephone: 801-863-6343
  • Administrative Support: Mark Olson
  • Office: CB 311C
  • Telephone: 801-863-5888
  • Advisor: Lynne Hetzel
  • Office: CB 506D
  • Telephone: 801-863-6485


The individualized nature of the Integrated Studies degree is attractive to students with multiple interests who want to develop skills that are relevant to a variety of careers. Students integrate course work in emphases such as science, business, health, literature, languages, communication, philosophy, behavioral science, social science and the arts. Emphases from computer science and information systems, accounting, technology and trades and physical education are also offered as part of this degree.


Interdisciplinary Studies Program

  • Director: John Goshert
  • Office:  CB 410f
  • Telephone: 801-863-6288


Interdisciplinary Studies provides a framework for supporting innovative, boundary-crossing inquiry among students and faculty across campus as well as in wider intellectual and social communities. IDST coordinates existing multidisciplinary minor and emphasis programs and provides guidance and support as new programs are envisioned and established. IDST programs promote instructional excellence and offer a variety of courses and events that enhance the overall academic experience at Utah Valley University.

Interdisciplinary Minor Programs

American Indian Studies
American Studies
Cinema Studies
Chinese Commerce
Chinese Studies
Classical Studies
Deaf Studies
Environmental Studies
Gender Studies
Peace and Justice Studies
Religious Studies
Russian Studies

Languages and Cultures

  • Department Chair: Jeff Packer
  • Office: CB 310B
  • Telephone: 801-863-8518

The Department of Languages promotes global awareness, intercultural understanding and international insights by providing instruction in eight languages (American Sign Language, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). The lower division courses (1000-2000 level) fulfill Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Arts program requirements; the upper division courses (3000-4000 level) apply to degree program requirements, including the Deaf Studies, ASL and Deaf Studies Education, Spanish and Spanish Education degrees, the Integrated Studies degree (emphasis in Spanish, French, or ASL), and the minors in Deaf Studies, French, German, Languages and Spanish. Language instruction is enhanced by excellent, caring instructors who are supported by a multimedia language lab focused on cutting-edge technology in the delivery of instruction.


Philosophy & Humanities

  • Department Chair: Pierre Lamarche
  • Office: CB 507B
  • Telephone: 801-863-8214
  • Associate Chair: Dennis Potter
  • Office: CB 507D
  • Telephone: 801-863-8817
  • Director of Humanities: Sam Liang
  • Office: LA 121
  • Telephone: 801-863-6266

The Department of Philosophy and Humanities provides critical study of the creative and intellectual underpinnings of the liberal arts curriculum that connects students to the past, present and future. Students will understand and be able to apply foundational philosophical concepts in all major disciplines, including concepts from multicultural, historical, artistic and values-conscious belief systems. The department is dedicated to enhancing critical thinking and writing skills to support student occupational and academic endeavors.