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School of the Arts

  • Dean: Stephen Pullen
  • Office: GT 605a
  • Telephone: 801-863-6820
  • Email:
  • Associate Dean, Academics: Jim Godfrey
  • Office: GT 605b
  • Telephone: 801-863-6190
  • Email:
  • Assistant Dean, Administration: E. Linda Moore
  • Office: GT 605
  • Telephone: 801-863-6827
  • Email:
  • Assistant Dean, Advancement: Kevin Goertzen
  • Office: GT 604
  • Telephone: 801-863-5760
  • Email:
  • Manager, Academic Advising and Student Success: Elizabeth Draper
  • Office: CS 637
  • Telephone: 801-863-5397
  • Email:

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Art and Design

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Photography
  • Sculpture/Ceramics


  • Ballet
  • Modern Dance

Theatre Arts

  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre
  • Theatre Design and Production

Bachelor of Music

Commercial Music

Bachelor of Arts/Science

Art and Design
Art Education
Art History

  • Ballroom Dance

Dance Education
Music Education
Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts Education

Integrated Studies

  • Art History
  • Graphic Design
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Theatre Arts

Associate in Arts/Science

Art and Design
Theatre Arts

Associate in Applied Science

Art and Design

  • Design/Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

Certificate of Completion

Art and Design

Certificate of Proficieny

Music Technology


Art History
Theatre Arts



 Art & Design

  • Department Chair: Courtney Davis
  • Office: GT 535a
  • Telephone: 801-863-8118

The Department of Art and Design prepares students for careers in applied arts, fine arts, and art education. Training is provided for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art in a variety of media. Professional training is provided in the areas of graphic design, illustration, photography, painting/drawing and sculpture/ceramics through the BFA degree. The BFA degree is a competitive program for those with above average abilities in art and requires students to specialize in one of the aforementioned areas. The BS/BA degrees are general degrees that allow students to study various aspects of art and visual communications and are open to all. The Bachelor of Science in Art Education helps prepare students to teach in secondary schools. Some of our 1000 level courses also fulfill general education requirements.


  • Department Chair: Doris Trujillo
  • Office: LA 022d
  • Telephone: 801-863-8610

The mission of Utah Valley University Department of Dance is to foster academic and artistic excellence through an intensive technical and reflective study of dance. Anchored in a common core curriculum with several areas of emphasis, our program provides a rich and stimulating environment where students cultivate their technical, aesthetic, creative, and scholarly potential. We value superior teaching which promotes dance as an artistic and cultural expression that has the power to enrich and transform the individual, community, and society.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in dance can choose from the following degree paths: AS Pre-Major in Dance, BFA in Dance with an emphasis in Ballet or Modern Dance, BS in Dance with an emphasis in Ballroom Dance, and BS in Dance Education. A variety of student, pre-professional and professional companies within the department provide excellent local, national and international performing opportunities for students in formal and informal as well as, adjudicated settings. Membership in companies is by audition only.

Those trained in dance find careers as public and private school teachers, college and university educators (requires graduate degree), performers, choreographers, dance historians and critics, administrators, dance therapists and professionals in the field of somatics, private studio owners, health and fitness consultants, researchers, notators and movement analysts.


  • Department Chair: Donna Fairbanks
  • Office: GT 332
  • Telephone: 801-863-8534


The Department of Music promotes student success through innovative programs that enhance creativity, hone performance expertise, and sustain high standards of excellence. Our professional faculty provide learning opportunities essential to the competency of music students as they prepare for a global marketplace. The department engages diverse audiences through performances and activities representing an array of musical styles and traditions.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Provide nationally-competitive academic programs and general studies in music.
  2. Promote an inclusive environment that provides students with resources that support their educational and professional needs.
  3. Engage audiences with performances that reflect diverse musical styles and traditions.
  4. Promote opportunities for students and faculty to explore their highest professional potential through creative and innovative activities on- and off-campus.

Theatrical Arts for Stage & Screen

  • Department Chair: Lisa Hall Hagen
  • Office: FA 325
  • Telephone: 801-863-6272

The Department of Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen offers programs of study leading to the Associate in Science degree, to the Associate in Applied Science degree, and to three baccalaureate degrees – Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts Education, and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts. The Department provides cultural experiences and undergraduate instruction in theatre and film for the individual theatre major, the UVU student community, and the community at large, preparing students not only for continued education and employment, but also for lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, and culturally active citizenship.

The Department mounts four to six productions per year encompassing a rich variety of genres and time periods. Students work side-by-side with faculty whose combined professional theatre experience and academic credentials enrich coursework in performance, script analysis, script writing, directing, theatre history and literature, theatre management, and in design for lighting, sound, scenery, costumes, and makeup. Productions are often selected for showcasing in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, where students also compete for scholarships and professional employment.

Smaller student cohorts make it possible for the vast majority of student performers to be on stage in any given school year and for aspiring technicians and designers to be involved in the production process early in their college careers. The annual Short Attention-Span Theatre Festival features student-written, -directed, -designed, and -performed productions.

The Department, working in relationship with the Sundance Resort, produces the Sundance Summer Theatre every July and August. Students are given opportunities to perform, design, build, and stage manage these semi-professional productions.

The Department also manages a Theatre Study Abroad program, where 10-15 students spend four weeks living and studying theatre in London. Students also produce a performance piece that travels to and performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival.


Woodbury Art Museum

  • Director: Lisa Anderson
  • Office: University Place, N250
  • Telephone: 801-863-4200

The Woodbury Art Museum serves as a catalyst in engaging our community in aesthetic investigation and cultural awareness. The museum collects, preserves, and exhibits art and related materials, focusing on modern and contemporary artistic styles. These exhibitions, programs, and collections stimulate research and serve as a valuable resource in our academic setting as well as in the community.

The Woodbury Art Museum provides free exhibitions and programs for local communities. Showcasing the museum's Permanent Collection and rotating exhibitions, the museum has been presenting the visual arts since 2002. We are located on the second floor of the University Place. The Woodbury Art Museum exists out of the generosity of Orrin and Wally Woodbury.


Utah Valley University Arts Resource Council

  • Contact: Kevin Goertzen
  • Office: GT 604
  • Telephone: 801-863-5760
  • Email:

The Utah Valley University Arts Resource Council is an active partner in helping the School of the Arts accomplish many things. Chosen for their demonstrated leadership and accomplishments in the arts, business and/or community service, Council members provide valuable counsel and assistance in the areas of creative and scholarly activity, development, fund raising, and increasing awareness in the community. Success in these focus areas contributes significantly to the students and faculty of the School of the Arts and allows the School to more fully enrich the community.