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PRLG-Paralegal Studies
Introduction to American Law
3 Credit Hours

Studies the relationship between social values, culture and the law, with particular emphasis on current events. Examines the structure of the American court system, its processes, and the American constitutional framework and federalism, methods of alternative dispute resolution, and a survey of major areas in American law, including torts, business and contracts, intellectual property, family law and estate planning. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

PRLG 3100
Civil Litigation II
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): PRGL 2100 and University Advanced Standing

Focuses on generation and creation of work product required in a civil case under the Utah and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Emphasizes initial pleadings, civil discovery processes, and pre-trial motion practice.

PRLG 3300
Criminal Law and Procedure
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): PRLG 1000 and University Advanced Standing

Examines the legal and procedural aspects of crime, including the elements and categories of criminal acts and jurisdictional considerations. Studies the procedure of criminal prosecution according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, from both a prosecution and defense perspective, including constitutional assurances, investigations, case preparation, motion processes, trials and appeals.

PRLG 4200
Legal Research and Writing II
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): PRLG 2100; PRLG 2200; University Advanced Standing

Reviews basic legal research in print resources and on Westlaw and government resources. Continues development of legal research and writing skills. Introduces student to writing office memoranda and select appellate documents with continued emphasis on legal analysis. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

PRLG 4400
Family Law
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): PRGL 2100; PRLG 2200; University Advanced Standing

Covers family issues and drafting of legal documents relating to domestic litigation. Explores case law related to the marriage contract, divorce, adoption, guardianships, paternity, illegitimacy, and prenuptial agreements. Emphasizes family law document production in domestic cases. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

1 to 8 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): Approval Paralegal Director and University Advanced Standing; PRLG 2100, PRLG 2200, PRLG 2300

Provides actual, on-the-job work experience in a non-paying (volunteer) basis in a law office or other approved law-related situation. Emphasizes successful work experience, especially identifying and solving problems. Completers should be qualified to work in the Paralegal profession. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits. May be graded credit/no credit.