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Dental Hygiene


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Mission Statement

The Department of Dental Hygiene offers an Associate in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. It also offers a Bachelor Completion degree in Dental Hygiene. The Dental Hygiene AAS program prepares graduates to take the Dental Hygiene National Boards, the Western Regional Dental Hygiene Clinical Boards, the Western Regional Written and Clinical Local Anesthesia Boards and to apply for state licensure. Completion of the program prepares graduates to enter private practice as competent dental hygiene professionals.

The program is competency based and student centered in nature. The program focuses on developing the knowledge and skill needed in dental hygiene while it strives to develop student problem solving and critical thinking skills, communication skills and teaching/education skills. The curriculum also develops student professionalism and promotes lifelong learning, community awareness, engagement and service.


Dental Hygiene

  • Administrative Support: Maria Wilkey
  • Office: HP 142d
  • Telephone: 801-863-7536
  • Email:
  • Mail Stop: 238
  • Advisor: Kristie Dockstader
  • Office: HP 101b
  • Telephone: 801-863-6974
  • Email:
  • Senior Clinic Coordinator: Sandra Wilson
  • Office: HP 142f
  • Telephone: 801-863-7592
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  • Junior Clinic Coordinator: Kathleen Young
  • Office: HP 142e
  • Telephone: 801-863-7551
  • Email:

The AAS program is a competitive admission program. Please refer to our department website for a complete description of our application process and requirements. Call our office with any questions.

You must apply and be officially accepted into our program to declare yourself a dental hygiene major in order to begin taking Dental Hygiene courses.

The AAS curriculum includes a total of 83 credits including prerequisites. These pre-requisite courses must be taken before applying to the Dental Hygiene Program:

  • CHEM 1110 Chemistry for the Health Professions
  • ENGL 1010 College Writing
  • MATH 1050  Intermediate Algebra.
  • ZOOL 2320 Human Anatomy Lecture
  • ZOOL 2325 Human Anatomy Lab
  • ZOOL 2420 Human Physiology
  • ZOOL 2425 Human Physiology Lab

Please be aware that some of the above prerequisites have their own prerequisites. Please contact the Biology Department for information on their prerequisites for the Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses and the Chemistry Department for their prerequisites for CHEM 1110

The Bachelor Completion Program includes a total of 120 credits. It has a competitive admission process as well. It builds on the credits received in the AAS program. It offers several tracts of 12 credits each.. Please refer to our department website for information concerning the application process, required courses and other important information. Bear in mind that students need their two year degree in dental hygiene prior to matriculating into this program.

Advisory Committee:

Melinda Reich RDH AAS, Rhella Christensen RDH PH.D, Alexander Larsen DDS, Richard Reiser DDS MS, Lauren Geis RDH AAS.

Career Opportunities

Dental hygienists, under the supervision of licensed dentists, provide preventive dental care to patients such as dental prophylaxis, topical fluoride applications, pit and fissure sealants, administration of local anesthetics, dental radiographs and teaching patients plaque control procedures. Dental hygienists work in private dental practices as well as in school systems, public health agencies, Federal and State agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Program Overview

Admission to UVU does not constitute admission to the Dental Hygiene program.  Admission to the Dental Hygiene program requires a separate and competitive admission process.

The Department of Dental Hygiene currently offers two programs leading to the following degrees: 1) Associate in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene and 2) Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.  Upon successful completion of the AAS program, graduates must pass National, Regional and State Board examinations to apply for licensure.

Applicants to the AAS program, who have questions about their potential for licensure in a particular state, should contact that state’s board of dental hygiene. One important pre-requisite to entering the Bachelor program is an Associate level degree in dental hygiene from an accredited school in the United States. The Associate level degree must be transferable to the USHE higher education system.

The AAS Dental Hygiene program at UVU has been granted accreditation status by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, 211 East Chicago  Ave., Chicago, IL 60611, 312-440-4653.

Program Information

Students are required to follow departmental infection control policies and procedures that are based on OSHA regulations and CDC recommendations. They must meet the health and safety requirements participating facilities require of their employees. These requirements must be met prior to enrollment in Dental Hygiene 1010:

  1. Documentation of current immunization for Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Hepatitis B, and Negative Mantoux for tuberculosis. (negative chest x-ray if Mantoux is contra indicated/positive). Students may refuse any immunization by signing a waiver and release from liability. Immunization may also be waived with documentation of acceptable titer or written documentation from a physician of immunization risk. 
  2. Current CPR certification (American Heart Association CPR for Health Care Providers, American Red Cross Health Care Provider, or National Safety Council); certification must remain current throughout academic program. Students will have professional liability insurance through UVU’s comprehensive liability insurance policy. This liability insurance is in effect when students are performing within the scope of their assigned clinical/laboratory activities and under the supervision of Department of Dental Hygiene faculty and supervising dentists.

The Department of Dental Hygiene adheres to UVU policy allowing students, staff or faculty with AIDS, ARC, or HIV to participate in all phases of College life within established College policies. The Department will respect the confidentiality of individuals with AIDS, ARC, or HIV insofar as the safety of others is not in question. College policy is not to test students, faculty or staff for the AIDS virus. See Policy A-9.1 for full college policy. State Licensure requirements may consider health status. Applicants with questions regarding Licensure policies should contact the licensing division of the state(s) in which they intend to seek Licensure following graduation.

Costs for the AAS Dental Hygiene program include a $3175 program fee per semester for four (4) semesters, in addition to UVU tuition and laboratory fees (these costs are subject to change). This fee is subject to change on a yearly basis and the student is responsible to pay any fee increases, regardless of when they began the program. Students are required to purchase their own dental instruments, some clinical supplies, and uniforms. Students are responsible for transportation to the clinic and other clinical sites, as well as other field experiences and any State, Regional or National boards and licensing.

The AAS Dental Hygiene program is challenging academically and in the amount of time involved on campus and at clinical experiences. Students should plan for some evening and weekend clinical experiences in dental hygiene courses. Students will provide patient care in a clinical setting. While volunteer patients come to the clinic for treatment, students should seek patients for some clinical experiences, and are ultimately responsible for obtaining their clinical patients.

The BS Dental Hygiene program does not entail a special fee or clinical component.

Students in either the AAS or BS program will be informed of additional departmental policies following admission to the program.

Admission Requirements

Admission to UVU does not constitute admission to any of the Dental Hygiene Programs. Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program requires a separate and competitive admission process.

For specific admission criteria, please visit our department web-site Feel free to contact the Department of Dental Hygiene at 801-863-7536 or 801-863-6974, or e-mail a request for information to

All applicants will be notified by mail of their admission status. No telephone or in-person requests for admission status will be answered. Students not admitted for the semester of application must reapply for the next application period and compete with the new pool for admission. There is no waiting list for either program.

Transfer of Credits

For information regarding the transfer of credits from other institutions of higher learning for general education and required courses, other than Dental Hygiene courses, please contact the Graduation and Transfer Services office (BA 114g, telephone 801-863-8438). For Dental Hygiene courses, contact the Department of Dental Hygiene after you have been notified of acceptance into the AAS program.


The Department of Dental Hygiene reserves the right to modify the curriculum as needed to meet accreditation requirements and changes in the profession.


The Department of Dental Hygiene has a working Dental Hygiene clinic serving the general public.  Clinic appointments can be made by calling 801-863-7608.


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