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Chinese Commerce, Minor


The Chinese Commerce minor focuses on important aspects of Chinese commerce, language and culture. This program is designed to combine an understanding of the social, political, historical, and economic factors that make China one of the leading international powers today. As such, the minor offers proficiency in the Chinese language, augmented with cultural knowledge of the country and an introduction to international business practices. As an interdisciplinary minor, the program draws on faculty expertise from various disciplines and includes varied perspectives.

Total Program Credits: 22

Matriculation Requirements:  
  1. Students need to be admitted into a bachelor degree program. 
Discipline Core Requirements: 13 Credits
  CHIN 2010 Intermediate Chinese I LH 4
  POLS 362G Modern Chinese Political Economy GI 3
  POLS 4610 International Law  3
  MGMT 4620 Developing Business in China 3
Elective Requirements: 9 Credits
In addition to 13 credit core requirement, students need to take 9 credit electives 9
  CHIN 202G Intermediate Chinese II HH GI (4)  
  CHIN 3050 Advanced Chinese (3)  
  CHIN 3200 Business Chinese I (3)  
  CHIN 351G Chinese Culture and Civilization GI (3)  
  CHST 362G Traditional Chinese History GI (3)  
  CHST 363G Modern Chinese History GI (3)  
  MGMT 332G Cross Cultural Communications for International Business GI (3)  
  POLS 352G Chinese Politics GI (3)  
  POLS 3600 International Relations of East Asia WE (3)  
  CHIN 4200 Business Chinese II (3)  
  Or other approved electives  

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of 22 credits.
  2. Completion of Baccalaureate Degree. 

Graduation Plan

This graduation plan is a sample plan and is intended to be a guide. Your specific plan may differ based on your Math and English placement and/or transfer credits applied. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor and set up an individualized graduation plan in Wolverine Track.

Semester 1 Course Title Credit Hours
CHIN 2010 Intermediate Chinese I LH 4
  Semester total: 4
Semester 2 Course Title Credit Hours
POLS 362G  Modern Chinese Political Economy GI 3
Chinese Studies Elective 3
  Semester total: 6
Semester 3 Course Title Credit Hours
POLS 4610 International Law 3
Chinese Studies Elective 3
  Semester total: 6
Semester 4 Course Title Credit Hours
MGMT 4620 Developing Business in China 3
Chinese Studies Elective 3
  Semester total: 6
  Degree total: 22


History and Political Science

The History and Political Science department is in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. To find the most up-to-date information, including Program Learning Outcomes for degree programs offered by the History and Political Science department, visit their website.

History and Political Science department

Program Details

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Enhances students’ intellectual knowledge in Chinese history, politics, and economy
  2. Enhances students’ practical skills in Chinese language, culture, and business
  3. Provide students with the insight and skills to examine cultural, political, and economical phenomena and issues analytically and critically
  4. Develop students’ ability to discover connections among disciplines
  5. Nurture students’ awareness of interaction among local, national, and global community
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