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IS Emphasis in Computer Networking


For a complete list of program requirements see the BA Integrated Studies or the BS Integrated Studies.

Total Program Credits: 18

Discipline Core Requirements:   18 Credits
  INFO 1120 Information Systems and Technology Fundamentals (3)  
  INFO 1200 Computer Programming I for IS/IT (3)  
  IT 1600 Computer Architecture and Systems Software (3)  
Complete the following:   
  IT 1510 Introduction to System Administration--Linux/UNIX 3
  IT 2600 Data Communication Fundamentals 3
  IT 2700 Information Security Fundamentals 3
Complete 9 credits from the following:  9
  IT 2530 Introduction to System Administration--Windows Client (3)  
  IT 2800 Computer Forensic Fundamentals (3)  
  IT 3510 Advanced System Administration--Linux/UNIX (3)  
  IT 3530 Advanced System Administration--Windows Server (3)  
  IT 3600 Internetworking and Router Management (3)  
  IT 3700 Information Security--Network Defense and Countermeasures (3)  
  INFO 405G Global Ethical and Professional Perspectives in IS and IT (3)  
  IT 4600 Enterprise Architectures and Virtualization (3)  
  IT 4800 Advanced Mobile Devices Forensics (3)  

NOTE: A minimum of 2.5 GPA in all Specialty Core courses with no grade lower than a C- required for graduation.

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