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Internship Services


Name: Internship Services
Location: LC 409
Telephone: 801-863-6589 or 801-863-6364
Web Address:
Director:   Niki Swan

Utah Valley University encourages students to extend learning beyond the classroom by participating in internships or other professional engagement activities. Students who participate in professionally engaged activities:

  • network with peers, mentors, faculty, employers, community leaders, and experienced associates
  • acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful and versatile professionals and citizens
  • are confident, competent, creative, and proactive in becoming intellectually engaged in their personal pursuits, careers, and local and global communities

To qualify for internship academic credit the experience must:

  • relate to the student’s major or professional field of study
  • integrate academic and experiential learning
  • be at a professional level of responsibility appropriate for academic credit
  • include written agreements between the student, employer, academic department and University that outline the responsibilities of the parties

All departments in the University have integrated internship experience in their curriculum either as a required component or as an elective. Generally these courses are designated as 281R (lower division) or 481R (upper division). Some departments require an associated pre-requisite and/or co-requisite.

Each college/school within the university has an Internship Coordinator and approval for enrollment is obtained from them. A list of current coordinators can be obtained from the Internship Services website or by contacting the specific academic department directly. Students declared as a University Studies major, or those students who would like to explore career options should consider enrolling in an exploratory internship through the Department of Student Leadership and Success Studies (SLSS).

All students enrolled for internship credit must complete a required online orientation. The Online Internship Orientation can be found at

Academic credit for internships is granted according to learning objectives with the academic department and the number of hours a student works during the semester. The number of required hours may vary from department to department, but a minimum of 60 hours of work is required for every credit hour received. 

Grading for internship may be a letter grade or CR (credit granted) or NC (credit not granted) depending on the department.  The maximum number of internship credits that may be applied toward a certificate or graduation requirement is determined by the individual department.

Internship Services and The Career Development Center

The University is committed to assisting students in making intelligent and informed career choices. Internship Services Coordinators and/or The Career Development Center Office can assist students in investigating internship opportunities by providing employer leads and information, helping students construct resumes, and assisting with interview preparation.

International Internships

Internship Services and the Office of International and Multicultural Studies offer students a variety of international internship opportunities in a number of countries.  Students have the option of setting up their own international experience or requesting the university to set up the internship for them.  Students who go on an international internship will gain practical experience relevant to their major while experiencing a foreign culture, working on substantive projects, and learning how to work with a team facing real-world deadlines.

Students planning on participation in an international internship should download an application form from the Internship Services website and obtain approval signatures from Internship Services and the Office of International and Multicultural Studies. The student is also required to participate in pre-departure meetings to obtain insurance, cultural recommendations and security clearance.  It is recommended that students desiring international experience plan at least six months in advance by meeting with Internship Services.