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Legal Studies



Legal Studies


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Norman Wright


Mission Statement

The mission of the Legal Studies programs at UVU is to provide timely and career-ready education and skills training to aspiring para-legal professionals.

Every Legal Studies graduate will:

  • Be competent in legal research, document production, and law practice processes.
  • Be productive in the use of advanced technology to be more accurate, efficient and cost effective in the law office, and be able to use industry-specific software and internet applications.
  • Have actual work experience and a portfolio of work product as part of their academic training.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards and conduct.

Legal Studies

Advisor: Scott Childs

Legal Studies Advisory Committee:

Lesleigh Ashby, Public Sector Paralegal, Utah State Courts, Fourth District Juvenile Court
Steve Averett, Judge P r o Tempore and J. Reuben Clark Law School Librarian
Diane Samudio, Manager of Paralegals
Danielle Allison, Alumni Representative, Private Sector Paralegal, Freelance Paralegal
Lauree Roberts, Alumni Representative, Public Sector Paralegal, Office of the Murray City Attorney
Carolyn Hofheins-Howard, Master Mediator
Kiersty Loughmiller, Law Clerk/Bailiff - Utah State Courts
Daniel Price, Graduate Representative
Tom Seiler, Practicing Lawyer, Robinson, Seiler & Assoc., Commissioner of Utah Bar Association
Neil Skousen, Practicing Lawyer, Private Practice
Judge James Taylor, District Court Judge, Fourth District Court
Mayor Richard F. Brunst, Jr., Orem City Community Representative
Alex Peterspm. Attorney at Law
R. Brett Evanson, Attorney at Law
Gregory J.Sanders, Attorney at Law
Christina Cope, Paralegal Division, Utah State Bar
Terry Conaway, Associate Professor, Director UVI Paralegal Program



Legal Studies students may receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Legal Studies, Associate in Applied Science in Legal Studies, an Associate in Science in Legal Studies, or a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. These programs are all approved by the American Bar Association.

Career Opportunities

For those trained as legal professionals, many rewarding opportunities exist for employment as law clerks, paralegals, legal assistants, litigation specialists, court clerks and other professions. In addition to traditional law firms, business and government at all levels hire legal professionals to meet their ever expanding law- related needs. All levels of local, state and federal government, banks, insurance companies, title companies, mortgage companies, law libraries, courts, legal service/legal aid offices, legal clinics, and law departments of special interest groups or associations readily employ non-attorney legal professionals, typically working under the supervision of attorneys. 

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

The Minor is not approved by the American Bar Association and is not intended to prepare students to work as Paralegals.

Admission Requirements

In addition to applying for admission to Utah Valley University, Legal Studies students must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Submit Compass Test scores to a Woodbury School of Business advisor for evaluation. Applicants who score below the required level must register for additional courses in English, reading and/or math.
  • Meet with a Woodbury School of Business advisor.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education or an internship is required for Legal Studies students. A total of eight credits may be applied toward graduation.


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