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Mission Statement

The Department of Management supports and drives forward the Vision of the Woodbury School of Business (WSB), which is (that) “…(a)s a community-engaged school of business that integrates teaching and scholarship, we aspire to be a school of choice and a leader in student development, entrepreneurship, global involvement, and innovative teaching.”

We do this, as do all departments in the WSB, through…

  • Quality instruction and student involvement
  • Faculty and student scholarship
  • Community outreach and engaged learning
  • Integration and application of knowledge
  • Social, ethical, cultural, and global literacy


Career Opportunities

Many opportunities exist for those trained in business management in private industry, government, and through entrepreneurship. Possible jobs in domestic and international businesses include agents, business managers, business executives, operations managers, health service administrators, human resources managers, job benefits and analysis specialists, management analysts, office managers, and purchasing managers.

Job Outlook

Job demand is high, particularly in larger metropolitan areas; and the employment outlook is excellent. 


Students focusing on business management may receive a Certificate of Completion in Business Management, an Associate in Applied Science in Business Management, an Associate in Science with a pre-major in Business, a Bachelor of Science or Certificate of Proficiency in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, or a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a specialization in one of the following three areas: General Business, Hospitality Management or International Business or a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Minor in Human Resource Management.

An Associate in Science Woodbury School of Business transfer degree is available for students planning to transfer to another college or university in Utah. (See the Woodbury School of Business section of the catalog for details on the AS degree.)


Hospitality Management

Program Coordinator: Doug Miller

Career Opportunities

The Hospitality Management program prepares graduates for employment in one of the fastest growing segments of the nation’s economy. The additions of several new convention centers in the state have dramatically increased the need for hotel and restaurant facilities. Students are marketable in a wide range of hospitality and tourism areas such as: hotel, resort, and motel management; event planning; restaurant and institutional food service; and a number of other areas such as cruise ship management, amusement park management, convention and visitor facilities, and gaming facilities.

The Hospitality Management program in the Woodbury School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, with an Emphasis in Hospitality Management. Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees are also offered.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree offers the possibility for a student to choose one of four specializations: General Operations; Revenue Management; Food and Beverage Management (designed mainly for Culinary Arts AAS graduates); and Foreign Language Track (which provides 12-15 hours of language credit).

*See Culinary Arts Institute section of this catalog for program.


Four degrees are available: Associate in Applied Science; Associate in Science Degree; a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management; and Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an Emphasis in Hospitality Management.


Woodbury School of Business

Advisement Center:

  • Office: WB 257
  • Telephone: 801-863-8032

Dean: Norman S. Wright


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