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TM Emphasis in Integrated Technology


For a complete list of program requirements see the BS Technology Management.

Total Program Credits: 45

Discipline Core Requirements:   45 Credits
Completion of 45 credits from a single technical area or two related technical areas as approved by the Technology Management advisor. Credits must be earned through a recognized accredited institution.  Possible Technical Areas may include: 45
  Art & Visual Communication   
  Graphic Communications  
  Visual Arts  
  Automotive Technology  
  Collision Repair  
  Diesel Equipment  
  Construction Technologies  
  Building Construction  
  Building Inspection  
  Facilities Management  
  Computing/Digital Technologies  
  Computer Science  
  Computer Support  
  Digital Media  
  Information Systems  
  Office Technology  
  Technical Computer Applications  
  Web Design  
  Electronics Technology  
  Electrical Automation  
  Industrial Motor Controls  
  Lineman Technology  
  Residential Wiring  
  Manufacturing Technology  
  Environmental Technology  
  Materials Science  
  Operations Technology  
  Power Equipment Technology  
  Precision Machinery  
  Technical Drafting  
  Medical Technologies  
  Biotechnology Technician  
  Culinary Arts  
  Dental Hygiene  
  Health Care  
  Medical Coding and Billing  
  Occupational Therapy  
  Pharmacy Technician  
  Physical Therapy  
  Radiology Technology  
  Public Service Technologies  
  Criminal Justice  

Graduation Plan

Semester 1 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
  Social/Beh. Science Dist. (PSY 1010 Suggested) 3
PES 1097 Fitness for Life 2
  General Electives 9
  Semester total: 14
Semester 2 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
  Fine Arts Distribution 3
  Humanities Dest. (COMM 1020 Recommend) 3
  American Institutions 3
ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing 3
MAT 1010 Intermediate Algebra (General Elective) 4
  Semester total: 16
Semester 3 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
  Physical Science Dist. (PHYS 2010 & 2015 recommended) 3
BIOL 1010 General Biology 3
ENGL 2920 Intermediate Writing - Science and Technology 3
CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry 4
MATH 1050 College Algebra 4
  Semester total: 17
Semester 4 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
PHIL 205G Ethics and Values 3
ZOOL 2420 Human Physiology 3
ZOOL 2425 Human Physiology Lab 1
  Third Science Dist. (CHEM 1210 and 1215 Recommended) 3
ZOOL 2320 Human Anatomy 3
ZOOL 2425 Human Anatomy Lab 1
  Semester total: 14
Semester 5 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
EXSC 270G Foundation of Exercise Science 3
EXSC 3500 Kinesiology 3
MATH 2040 Principles of Statistics  
or BESC 3010 Statistics for Behavioral Science 4
EXSC 3270 Exercise Testing and Prescription 3
EXSC 2500 Sports Medicine 3
EXSC 2510 Sports Medicine Lab 1
  Semester total: 17
Semester 6 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
EXSC 4300 Research Methods in Exercise Science and Outdoor Rec 3
EXSC 3550 Motor Learning and Development 3
EXSC 3850 Ethical Concerns in Exercise Science 3
EXSC 3700 Exercise Physiology 3
EXSC 3705 Exercise Physiology Lab 1
  EXSC Elective 3
  Semester total: 16
Semester 7 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
EXSC 3730 Biomechanics 3
  EXSC Electives 4
  General Electives 5
  Semester total: 12
Semester 8 Course Title or Text Credit Hours
EXSC 3750 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Performance 2
  EXSC Electives 6
EXSC 4950 Senior Seminar 2
  General Electives 4
  Semester total: 14
  Degree total: 120



Technology Management


GT 616




Web Address:


Anne Arendt


Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Management department is to provide academic degrees in technical and operations management relevant to the global economy. Our courses provide appropriate knowledge and skills through engaged learning, hands-on activities, scholarship investigation, ethical responsibility, creativity, and lifelong learning. Students will be prepared for professional careers in management and entrepreneurship as well as provided with a strong foundation for advanced academic study. Our graduates will also be prepared to contribute to their employers and communities through leadership, service, and a concern for the environment.


Technology Management

Advisor: Carrie Peterson



Pauli Alin(2016)

Assistant Professor

Department: Technology Management

B.A., M.Soc.Sci., Communication, University of Helsinki; D.Sc., Industrial Engineering, Aalto University, Finland.

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Anne Arendt(2018)

Associate Professor

Department: Technology Management
Department Chair, Faculty

B.A., University of Minnesota; M..S, Walden University; M.B.A. Information Systems, University of Minnesota Carlson School; EdD, Utah State University.

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Armen Ilikchyan(2015)

Associate Professor

Department: Technology Management

B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology-Russia; M.I.T., Industrial Technology, Bowling Green State University; Ph.D., Technology Management, Indiana State University.

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Kyle Merrill(2016)

Professional In Residence

Department: Technology Management

B.S., Statistics/Quality & Production, M.S., Statistics, Brigham Young University.

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Susan Thackeray(2015)

Assistant Professor

Department: Technology Management

A.A.S., B.S., Multi-media Communications, Utah Valley State College; M.Ed., Education, Instructional Technology, Utah State University; Ph.D., Education, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Northeastern University.

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