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University Studies


Name: University Studies
Location:  LA 210
Telephone: 801-863-6712

Web Address:
Dean: Forrest Williams

Mission Statement

The University College is a student’s connection to success, providing an entry point for individuals with varying levels of academic preparation while inspiring and empowering them throughout their academic experience to completion of their educational goals.


Foster learning opportunities and collaborations


  • Engage students and faculty in learning, scholarship, and creative endeavors
  • Encourage exploration, curiosity, and self-discovery
  • Challenge with high expectations and new ideas
  • Create and strengthen interdisciplinary learning and partnerships
  • Support an exceptional and diverse community of learners
  • Provide specialized academic experiences
  • Meet individual student needs
  • Facilitate the achievement of educational goals

University College

University College serves a unique role and mission within Utah Valley University. Based on a national model, the name University College signifies opportunities for student success through curricular and co-curricular offerings, academic services, and innovative programs. University College welcomes students at present levels of academic achievement and challenges them with higher expectations. The programs and departments of Literacies and Composition, Student Leadership & Success Studies, Developmental Mathematics, English Language Learning, Academic Counseling Center, Academic Standards, Writing Center, Academic Tutoring, Math Lab, and First Year Experience & Student Retention promote interdisciplinary partnerships as students transition into university academics.

  • Administrative Support: Beth Winkler
  • Office: LA 210
  • Telephone: 801-863-6712
  • Email:
  • Associate Dean: Talitha Hudgins
  • Office: LA 210e
  • Telephone: 801-863-6963
  • Email:

Degrees Offered

  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Science
  • University Studies, BA
  • University Studies, BS


University College values student-centered learning and focuses on assisting students exploring the direction of their academic careers, seeking flexibility in degree choices, or undertaking an enhanced college experience.


Academic Counseling Center

The Academic Counseling Center (ACC) is committed to meeting the career and academic needs of current and future students, faculty, staff, and community members. Our center is an ideal starting point for undecided students, with many working towards their Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Arts (AA) degree in University Studies, or those pursuing professional programs requiring formal application such as Law and Medical school.

Academic Advising & Counseling

Academic counselors are available to assist students in determining and achieving their educational goals. Counselors are qualified to help students select majors and careers, review prior education, and plan educational programs.

The ACC provides advisement for general education requirements and is the advisement center for those majoring in University Studies. Students are referred to departmental advisors for help in meeting their major requirements. Other services provided include assisting students experiencing academic difficulties and enforcing academic standards.

The ACC also has counselors for students seeking admission into Law School, Medical, Dental, Nursing and many other health occupations.

Referrals are made to help students achieve their educational goals. Some of these include referrals to personnel in the Accessibility Services Center, Student Health Services, Testing Services, University Studies, and to academic departmental advisors.

Career Assessment & Counseling

Our counselors provide a full range of career assessment. These services include:

  • Career interest/personality testing
  • One-on-one career counseling sessions
  • Career workshops
  • Occupational information
  • Use of UtahFutures career and educational software
  • Career resource library
  • Vocational evaluation services

Degrees & Programs